did i know, why i longed for your attention, Ma kaali

did i know why i longed
for your attention, Ma kaali
was it your grace
was it your meaningless anger
and a rare remorse
was it for your kindness
even when you knew i did not
deserve it
was it your faith
i love you
adore you
respect you
revere you
and worship you
so that you
may always
show me the way
whenever u notice me losing it
and lose i may
time and again,
if for no other reason
then to get your attention,
dont you ignore the rule bound-ones,
always, persistently

dont ask me to prove

dont ask me to prove,
more i will try
more you will accuse me of lies
and deception
but that is true for any one,
assertion of earnestness
makes one look like a fool
but am not a fool

aaj koi sainani haar gaya hai

aaj koi sainani haar gaya hai
kisee chetna se ek kshana paar gaya hai
us nistabdh ninrnay ko mat phir se uthao
kisee niyam ki parton ki ab na bandanwar banao
sneha pul kyun bahi hai, kisee pathik ki vyatha
anvarat yatra ke swapn, thaki nahi par uski aastha

ek shant swar

ek shaant swar, kuchh thoda sa dar,
aisey mein tumharey aaney ki aahat
aur man mei merey prashno ki chahat
kuchh na keh paney ki hichkichahat
lekin chup sehney ki tumhari aadat
ek shant swar

aaj phir se hui hai achanak thodi ghabrahat
kya shabd jal se mukt ho payega antarghat
seemaon se paar jaati chidion ki chahchahat
sandhya dhooli se jyun ho varsha uthghatit
ek shant swar

tumhara aagrah, mere peedha bodh se trast
kisee ankahi katha sa, ek dandwa hua parast
nichuda hua sankalp, hara man, hua abhyast
kaisa abhas, kaisi nishtha, aur ek poora suryast
ek shant swar

an ode to ma Kaali-II -1

an ode to ma Kaali-II
will u forgive me O Kaali ma again
for all those trespasses
that absorbed the tired tears
no simmering
no over flown river
yet bridges unsure
will i be able to cross over the passes
among the high mountains
that are witness to my
yearnings beyond words, just
be there. u said, be in the moment