pink it was, it may still be……

pink it was
star on the keyboard
fallen leaves
arrogance and indifference
but river will flow
partake a few drops
in which a ray can swim or soak
you decide
soak or swim
keep cup empty or fill it to the

row the boat

may not be able to hold on,
till you swim across
and hold the rope
let me sink
row the boat
your way
and your way only

the trees will stand still

the diversity of food
peculiarity of a juice
the empty glances
and solitary sinews
of silence
you stay there
wilting vines
will not complain
the tree will stand still
shadows are disturbed
in a wavering flame
of a lamp
not likely to light the path
too long

darakhto ko kyun jhuka rahin hai

Kisee Ko gam hai apno ke bichadne Ka, Hamey apno ki kareebi kuchh raas aa Rahi hai

Unko shikait hai Ki jindagi khamosh kyun hai, Hamey unki baaton mein jindagi nazar aa Rahi hai

Aaj bahut Chal kar thoda thak sa gaya Hun, unki saanso Ki garmi mein ajeeb si ummeed nazar aa Rahi hai

Aandhiya to pehley bhi aayi thi Kai baar, lekin ab yeh itne oonchey darakhto ko kyun Jhuka Rahi hai

over a cup of filter coffee

When is it a good time to melt, mellow and
be irritated without a good reason
When the transition takes place
A life potential passes through
A missed encounter
A desire to cuddle
And be cosy is
Dissolved in a cup of filter copy
An argument is picked up
For nothing
To give vent to a missed encounter
Every month
Every time
The long shadow
In a wet morning
The lost grip
Of an embrace of empathy
Full of
Assured but hazy
Moments and
Meandering gazes
All over
This time
Every time
When periods of persuasion
Are passed
But actually not so quietly

few flowers in green

these flowers in green
are not all that happy
how can these be
when the ground around them is green
but all the rest is desertified
islands of happiness dont sustain
we need to share what little
comes our way
o flowers in green, dont be desolate
just smile
and scatter your grace all around

till the next train arrives

why should we not wait
when the train has ben missed
and platform is empty
will not next train come some time,
can we not use this time for meditation
we had meditated
outside a hut
long time ago
was that not pure

but without hard work and purposefulness,
purity gets polluted
let us purify this river near this station
till the next train arrives

sleep, dont weep

will you wait
you keep standing
sleep now
take rest
you have been standing for too long
dont weep
you chose to drift with the quick wind
you stole the moments
meant for reflection
and danced to the tune
of hollow pipes
now these pipes dont resonate
but you can still dance
reflect and wake up
sit down
dont keep standing
you have been standing for long
dont weep