meaningless are meandering waves

meaningless are the meandering waves
so what if reflections in them are still focussed
on those stars which show me the way
in this dark  night
and propel the boat of my desires to
a shore shorn of their edges


when you removed my glasses

when you removed my glasses and looked into my eyes

 i did not have any reason
to hide my tears
verging to descend and roll on
but then you smiled
and i also smiled
swallowing my tears inside
i find it difficult to do so now,


dont regret your honesty

you suffered
when life was tough and
 we had turned the other way
 but that season is over
now the turns on the road are
 fitted with rear view mirrors
you can watch things happening behind you
why worry then,
embark upon your life goals
life has offered you a second chance
wish your affections would have found
a safe sanctuary
but then not all seeds sown grow the  way we expect


it is my choice after all

this is my chouce after all
but are choices made by us
or do choices select us
and then we act
as they wish
for a change let me assume
that i have a choice


when the banks break, and rivers become lake

when the banks break,
and rivers become lake
u do not stop
and ask,why did you say
whatever u had avoided all these years
and like a fallen star,
i keep quiet
reminded of the dust
which arose
when your carriage went awayfrom my courtyard
i am now setlled
the dust has engulfed
all the leaves
of the tulsi
you had planted
in good faith
pl let me worship


heal your hurts

heal your hurts
collected over the long journey
from there, 
to here
i know that u have remembered many things
but then forgotten a few too
are these too few??

wish the wings of smiles lift your spirit
break the promise of keeping
the flame fly
when the oil is leaking
you glow
reflected yellow
and do not borrow
the miseries from the womb
 of forgotten 'morrow
live and relish
the moments that we are blesed with
when roads are paved with
ironies, expectations and unkept words
by a an old wornout
smell of whose bark u do not like suddenly

not all good turns get rewarded

not all good turns get rewarded
every time, now, here
that is the way it should  be
after all, the  unpaid debts are the glue

which holds people together

but when we blame each otherfor all the ills that plague us, our lives
and yet hope to find happiness in that glue
how will that happen
glue will come apart
accounts will start getting settled