Gardens beyond

Butterfly threatened the sunflower
If it didn’t stop complaining
It will pollinate another garden
But she knew
His complaints
Were the outcome
Of all the colours
He had gathered through her sojourns
To gardens beyond

but no body will deny

hope belied
but the truth lasts
when white hairs will
not hide signatures of time
the eyes will get dimmed
light will still last

i will die
and so will all those scars which
i earned for being a fellow walker
on a thorny road

but no body wil deny
the agony of sky
which will not
let clouds rain
over the promised land, but dry

will the sand not erode

will the sand not erode
if wind continues to blow the way
it is blowing just now
whirlpool sometimes
tornado at others
how do i persuade the storms to shelter
dream of the tiny vapors
evaporating from the eyes
those children
which cry
because they are pampered
they cry because they get too much for nothing almost
now why should not i pay attention to those children
yearn for basic needs
and are blessed if they just move on
to work harder to fulfill their dream
let me help the children
who deserve my time
and prayers more
a lot
more indeed

am i a wind break

when she teases me
with a twinkle in her eyes
i dont know
if it is time to dissolve
or hold on
so i just freze
and let the breeze pass
lest she thinks
i am a wind break

but then it is not clear
if the arms spread around
me can hold
all the fire inside
and will she remain unharmed

i then shrink into a vapur
mixed with the hot air
escape through ventilators of a dark room
into a red sky outside
my coffin is already
floating among the clouds
where i have to be buried
decompose and then
to let manure shower as a rain of love
over a deserted patch
where i tried to plant a garden once

now, when i am gone
the unfinished task will need to be completed
will you
spread my ashes or manure as the case may be
over all the parched plots
where some souls sowed
dreams of a creative future

River swallowing the huts of some

Overflowing rivers
Shelter less families
I don’t know
If the rivers are hungry for their homes
Or sea needs the silt of their walls
I know a new island has emerged in
Bay of Bengal
Is it the Sedimented soil of washed away homes
But whose homes
Will you build on new island?
Do the southwester winds
Want their hunger to be addressed
By the huts on the islands
People dont mind
They still offer flowers to the river
Which swallows their homes
Do you bother

breaths be the bridges

dont collect
all those postcards
with black borders
and admonishen just too many

pray and pray with open arms
hope that partings can be
blissful, a promising future
full of vast sky, blue

if flowers bloom, and fragrance spreads
The missions will be absorbed
in the lives of all those
may lead and design
futures full of hope

for the many struggling
who have not the luxury
of reflected glory
and underwritten journey
into a morrow, uncertain passage
may our breaths
be the bridge
for them to cross
the river in spate
about to break the banks

venom is the nectar

beautiful morning breeze
and pensive dew
hesitant breeze
and curious birds, just a few

swim to the shore, crocodile
dont care, just ignore
the sun rays will indeed fall on you

go, go away the dark shadows
of multitudes of fragrance and hue
i remember all the goodness

hope can sprout in your garden
so what if some snakes spew
venom is the nectar
when the heart is pure

Uncooperative Clouds

A parrot saw me on the way
Intrigued by my sadness
He asked me why?

When smiles cover your face always
How come feelings seem so wry?
How would I tell him
That I failed again
No way can clouds be persuaded
To cooperate with wind
They will rather be scattered
Then flow to the parched lands

Swallow me, said the fish

A little fish and the question of a big fish

Swallow me
Said the little fish
Knowing there wasn’t much choice
She was willing to self sacrifice
But even in the deep ocean
Rays of justice do some times penetrate
The big fish wasn’t willing to swallow her
Surrendered prey didnot taste well, may be
The joy of vanquishing the creatures in front
Wasn’t going to be lost
Big fish asked the little one
Will you answer my question! If you do
You get swallowed
Else. You will stay as it is
Some other day
Some other fish will devour you

Little one was was curious.
Will the coral reefs make a better house under the sea
Or above it
The big fish knew
Lot of people living on the coast
Were collecting corals to make their houses

She had no trouble in answering the question
Of course under the sea
By that time
A poacher had set eyes
On her
He caught the little one
For keeping her in an aquarium
In his new house
Made by corals
The big fish smiled and swam away

The little one didnot know
Did she survive
To be trapped in a house
Of corals
What if she had answered otherwise
May be she would have been devoured by the big fish
That would been under the sea
Now she wasn’t sure

Big fish comes above the water some times
Hoping for a tsunami
So that the jar gets broken
And the little one can come back to