why should i celebrate

why should i celebrate

what has changed

who has held up the train

why are tracks so old

whose fault is it

that cracks are showing up

\in the  large canvas you had painted the other day

914 pl judge me harsh

pl judge me harsh
but not by reflection
of a broken mirror
or the notes that may stir
chords which i do not play any more
i am extinguished
and the black soot
of the lamp
has painted the sky dark


to do this or that, Ma Kaali never tells you

to do this or that

walk here or there

embrace her shadows

or lie at her feet

Ma Kaali never tells you,

what  is the right way

she merely challanges you

to dig deeper and deeper with in

some find gold, some just dirt

but whatever we find

is after all, our own,

you may like it

or not

but the time has come

to accept

and be bold

chart out the path,

seek the unseeked

speak the unspoken

listen the unheard

who knows

what is in store

a vile thought

or a prayer pure

when the time matters no more

when the time matters no more,

the passage is what counts,

if u walk and walk to seek the cure,

of all the ills that afflict the world around,

as if you have a magic potion,

with no wall to sorround

an illusion, a facade,

who cares what the world says
when he is no more
if it is  right or wrong
no more to score
the life will move on
but will remain behind
some footprints
grass will grow in a few
and in some, will grow wild mints
the aroma of which will attract you
from  places far and near
to find what,
an illusion, a facade,
or a deeply entangled soul, my dear

the stoicism of the yesterday’s priest is diluted

the stoicism of the yesterday’s priest is diluted

the resolve to struggle is weaker

the years spent in discovering new reason to walk on

are  suddently seeming to be wasted

but are they really!!

do tears and toil ever erode

do not let the temporary

setbacks rough shod

over your slightly diluted resolve

life has its own reward

for those who maintain  their comittment

regardless of the meanings,

ignoring the past, no matter how much

is it hard

914 when the smell is in the air, all over

when the smell is in the air, all over

you wonder, who is the one

for whom you care

whether the womb of a hope

is saddled with dreams

of a future not yet crafted,

or the fence is broken

so that any traveller can intrude

and leave the footprints behind

i do not know, but do i want to know

i am here

in wait

of some one who will squeeeze

every ounce of my ego

and leave me sublimated

quietly and firmly

take the waves in arms

take the waves in arms
on long beach
or surrender to them
when sea wavers
the storm is about to pass,

boats will not wait
why not then sail
and sail

913 wish pan to tumhey karna hi hai

wish pan to tumhey karna hi hai

jab bhi hoga manthan is yug mein,

aur bahega amrrut jag mein

tumko rehna hoga nischint

nishpray kaho ya kaho uchit

jeevan mein tyaag ka ho utsav

par na dena wish ko kabhi tyag

aatmasaat kar shant man se

bas maan lena usko ab suno
apni niyati ka ek anivarya bhag

912 why do i still wait

why do i still wait
the simmering to stultify
the urge to revolt
and make me pensive
and patient
when the calling of the curly clouds
invokes a promise
not to reveal
what lies buried inside
the tomb which i built
by gathering the debris
of demolished castles
of sighs