when you are still uncertain

do the streams of rivers emanating
from mountains covered still with snow
flow down the valley
and quench the thirst of fields
set slightly higher
than its banks
but how will some one lift the water
when you are still uncertain
to flow or not
through this drought affected valley


kaali! are you still looking for an offering

kaali! are you still looking for an offering 
but i told you so many times
that i dont offer gifts
it is as if an adjective takes away
some thing deep from a noun
gifts may lower the value i attach to my devotion
but then it seems
that is not how you think
else, why this hesitation,
why this delay,
why this sullen look
may be
i should pray harder
and look with in me


squirrel, babbler and a myna

when a babbler behaves the same way
and a squirrel does not devite
from script too much either
why does myna stroll alone, afar
looking for insects in grass
greened by a small splash of rain
 drought had taken a toll otherwise

of the ambitions of grasses in my lawn
to make your feet clam and smooth
but now how do i persuade those blades

which are rough, and not willing to lie down
like you, when you are upset and are upright


sneha nahin hota itna seedha sa ek upakram

sneha nahin hota itna seedha sa ek upakram
kiski badha ban jayey radha, kaise jaaney ham?

kaun usko yaad karey, kaun uska janmdiwas manayey
radha to thi krishna ki poorak, uska parv kaun manaey

kisney radha ki vedana jaani, kisney usko pooja akela
kyun nahi ho saka krishna uska poorak, kyun  nibhaye ham chhal uskey


let me clean the step of the temple again

let me clean the step of the temple again
she says, i will have to come back here again
because prayers once offered have a habit
of calling the devotees to their doorstep again
is that why Kali, why you never spare any one,
those who adore you and love you
and those who have learned their lesson
but can one really love, learn and still live


baha dey chintaon ko chalo aaj

bas swaron ki sarita mein
baha dey chintaon ko chalo aaj
mat karo  kisee jawab ka intzaar
nahin ayega yeh rahi apni aadat se baaz
yuhin hi nahin  dhoa hai isney itna bhoj
hkya pata kab ho jayey isko bas itna hi bodh
jindagi rahegi tabhi to ho payega safar jaari, 
kar payega koi anwarat apni deewanagi bhari shodh

bereft of doubt, the silence had broken a promise

bereft of any doubt

the sielnce had broken a promise

what was not supposed to be said

had been said

the broken bridge had been


now, you can cross over to the other side

sow seeds, tend the garden

if you need, you can manure the soil

that remains to be tilled

it will bloom, i have no doubt

when will you recall

the promises made before the mazar of a saint

to engulf all the memories

with a shawl of silence

no matter how much does the

crying child

of a bright lit night demands attention

thoda chain usko bhi chakha dey

jindagi gujar kahan rahi hai,


yah to  thahar si gayi hai

is shahar mein

baarish kuchh kahar si padhi hai


beh gayey hai ghar kuchh,

mit gayi hai shaksiyateyn

lekin ek arzoo milney ki mitati nahin hai,

aakhir kaunsi mitti ki bani hai

kis kumhar ne ghadi hai

kahin to darar hogi,

pani  ke risney ki

kabhi to pukar hogi


ghul jao jao

ghul jao

mujhey abhi yahi thaharna hai,

jindagi ki jid ke aagey thoda adna hai

kya pata kab shaam ho jayey

main thak jaun

aur raat ko yeh guman ho jayey

aaj to koi thaka hai

kisee aaram ki talaash mein jaga hai

chalo usko sula dey

thoda chain usko bhi chakha dey

Have you ever realized, the fragility of fire, or its glow

I have never seen

A quiet bird and a chirping snake

Without any worry about what to make

Of a misty morning and shining night

That has no beginning, nor end of delight

How can one fathom, the true essence

How can one see, when forest is so dense

I will still try and seek

A ray of light, not very bold, may be a bit meek

You can now choose, and decide

Whether to abandon the ship or take a pride

In destroying a nest, made in the corner of your window

Have you ever realized, the fragility of  fire, or its glow






But then freedom is a virus

I have decided to tell you

How much I aspire

To see you and absorb

The moments of truth

Which will remain intact

No matter what we do

To the intervals of desire

Or the long spell of rain

Which washes the footprints

Of  a walk along the trees

Singing, smiling and when

The spirit was free

But then freedom is a virus

Which can afflict any dream

Liberating it from our hearts

So that it blossoms in the beats

Which will now have to endure

Evaporation of the tears

How else can one explain

Why there was no pain

When time stuck it spears