cats are Curious Assertive Teasers

cats are very Curious Assertive Teasers
they dont give up so easily
when doors are closed,
they look for windows ajar
now, it seems they have found the key
i lost many years ago

paradox of consistent inconsistency

commitment is not easy, but concern is
the journey is tough
but the retreats are relaxing
why shouls revisiting be easier
and designing new paths be so tough
is it the uncertainty which makes it complez or
the lack of readiness for surprise that takes it toll

let me ask myself, what would i love more
being taken for granted for what i was known to be
or given a chance to be inconsistent
for what i do not know at all

the will to give

with little berries
i lured the squirrels in my garden
did not mind when sparows came
why will i bother about
the intrusion by babblers

now that i have squandered all the bread
cat comes and asks her share
what can i give her
i have no bread
but then i have the spirit
and the will to give
will wait till
the crop matures
and i can make bread again

sky was dark and black

i have no favourites
asserted the wind
when it took away
your scarf the other day
i do not know where to,
but it flew
as if the wings of the bird
destined to cross the sea had been
painted blue
i saw the streak of blue all over

it did not matter that the sky was dark
and black


to remain away and free

little blossoms on the way
do not ask
whether to stay awake
or sway
the moods of the bumble bee
who comes some times
and decides to remain away and free

the truth of your presence


i am not afraid any more, thats true,
why should i be

fear of being found out
in love with my reflection
i broke the mirror
but with many more images now around me, scattered
all over, i had realized
i was not afraid
of my reflections
nor of the pain
of finding out so many variants
i was actually afraid
of finding in me, the truth
of Your presence

soaked in silence

Soaked in silence,
wrapped in clouds,
keeping drops dry,
why do you stare,
lift the veil, see little far,
a whirlpool of tears,
forgivance beware

too small, really

A butterfly said, it is too small to bring about a storm, the judge said:

Nothing is too small,
a crack in the wall lets light to enter to illuminate the whole place,
a small leak in the pitcher lets all the water drain,
a small wrinkle on forehead can reveal the whole volcano inside,
nothing is too small
Is it?

may there is an angry wave

may be there is an angry wave
that swirls the mood
of the sea
and turns the waves
now, dont stir them more
they should not move outwards
who knows what will be swept away
on which shore
some how