the morning dew has soaked all the grass

morning dew has soaked all the grass

walk slowly and dont mind

if your feet are wet


and with little knocks by the grass blades

tinglings awaken your senses

to dream all the beautiful things

that you and the spirt

growing in you

quietly aspires

jab khamoshi ki aawaaj bahut unchi ho gayi

jab khamoshi ki aawaaj bahut unchi ho gayi

to fizaon mein achanak chuppi chha gayi

aur hawon ne bolna band kar diya

aur darakht saham se gayey

badalon ne sharm se aakash ki chadar audh li

aisye mein kuchh shabdo ne janm liya

lekin vivash ho, unki   kokh ko kya hua 

paribhashayen badli

barf si chattane pighli

lekin ek nadi ka dil ab adheer hua

samundra na sukh paya

lekin dhara ke sneha se

usney bahut saar bojh uthaya

uski jado mein laga hai thoda ghun kyun

tumhari nazron se maine dekha hai muhjko

chumbak ki bhati chhua hai sabko

kab kya jud gaya, kaisey bataun

kab kaun mud gaya, kisko jataun

jindagi ko aisey hi jiya hai mainey,

kuchh nahin sach mein kabhi kiya hain mainey

jo bhi hai, wo sab hua hai bas yun

mat poochho ki sakht hai darakht kyun

uski jado mein laga hai thoda ghun kyun

usney apni raakh ko pehley hi samarpit kiya hai kyun

the lamp post is tall, but i cannot hang myself on it

the lamp post is tall, but i cannot hang myself on it

there is enough light,

lot of people will be willing to stand, and stare

and may be, express  a bit of anguish

on a wasted death

but then i think the death can serve many purposes

and clasping the elusive goals

is only one of these

kai baar pehley bhi aisa hi hua hai

kuchh kehna tha, aur kuchh aur hi kaha hai,

lekin sach to yeh bhi hai, aur sach auron ne bhi kaha hai

lekin majbooriyon ko meri, na mainey hi mana

aur na hi unhoney samjha hai

jindagi ke raston par,

kuchh kadam saath chal kar, alvida mainey bhi suna hai

aur unhoney bhi suna hai

a little girl shama asks a question

there was a little girl who did not know enough about saying  no to any thing. If some body asked, will you smile, she will smile, if some body made faces, she would echo that. one day, another girl, let us call her kshama asked the little one, called by her family as shama( she was also fiery, tumultous in her temper and some times unpredictable), why do you respond in affirmative when people ask you things? shama said,” you know most people treat litle kids as robots, they know that we are not robots, but they still expect us to behave like the one. i sort of want to forgive these adults their naivette and thus just sort of oblige them!!:
Kshama was not convinced. she asked her parents about shama had told her and parent laughed loudly, and agreed that shama was very smart, if she said that.
next day, kshama asked shama, how did you figure this out. I never knew that. Shama said, you know, whenevr these folks used to see me as a toddler, they never paid attention to what i wanted, what i thought, whether i wanted silence or solitude, they thought a little girl is an object of fun, game, play and thus regardless of my moods and feelings, they wanted me to play act as they wanted. I was tired o f them but then if i did not do that, they just persisted and some times threw me in the air. i felt scared and they laughed. i decided to succumb, and give in, ah!!”
kshama was startled by this revealation. She had also gone through this but never told any one. Here was this little girl, shama who seemed to know it all. But then kshama thought, will she really learn any thing from shama when she had her baby. Even shama did not know,
what kind of adults this world produces, why donot they learn ever even such simple things?
shama has decided to start a school for parents to teach them how to deal with babies. BUt then she is too young still, is she…..
do i know really?