sleep well

the time went by
i could not get you to move
fast enough in the lane
of too much traffic
and too little movement
now, take a break
rest your laurels
hang your hairs
be fresh
sleep well

the tears that i swallowed

did you ever see
the tears that i swallowed
without any reason
i let them dry
without leaving any marks
lest you try to sweep them clean
and dirty your hands
for the valley
is moist,
mountains are dry
path is broken
but flag of freedom
who will hoist

i am now drained of all claims

when was i last lost
in the fast lane of life
no argument
no strife
but only consolation
of having been right
but being right does not ensure
that one gets new rights
i am now drained of all
all blames
pl forgive me O maa Kaali

a vain flight

without feet on ground, i tried to fly
and went too close to the sun
my wings melted away
but my desire to fly still remains

Desires into devotion

Sublimate desires
Into devotion
O ma kaali
May not love denude
The forest of expectation
O maa kaali
Let there be thousand mutinies
Let there be all the infirmities
Still should not I be allowed
To hope
That your grace will help
And cope
With the calls of the temple bell
Dance, desire, but don’t destroy
O ma kaali

Flooding an island

Flooded by a river
Coming often in spate
An island prayed
Let there be a dam on it
But a flower complained
How will fertile silt
Brought by river
Fertilise it’s roots
Flood continues
Island gets submerged
Flower doesn’t always survive
Buts it’s longing for silt
Does not subside either

remove the drapes drenched in soulful tears

spoken words
heard sounds
broken cups
mended curtain surrounds
the sight of a single
knock at the door
i am not sure, if you really knocked
but then i heard it,
is that not enough
let me open the door
remove the drapes drenched
in soulful tears
of forgotten rules
betrayed trust,
swollen eyes
painful step
between exit and entry
of a shadow

the fallen nests of hopes drained the desires

the tears were not willing to roll
and the eyes were finding it difficult
to contain the flow,
overflow was inevitable
but with no outlet
the river broke it banks
the gushing stream was angry
may be a bit frustrated
no rock was powdered
but a few pebbles got carried away
some trees were uprooted
and the fallen nests of hopes
drained the desires
in the flowing river
who knows where will the seeds
fallen from the tree will sprout
who knows, where will
the evaporated tears evolve into a cloud

and then it rained torrentially

i was tiling the flower bed
to be ready to sow the seeds
and then it rained torrentially
flooded bed would not let
any seed germinate now,
may be i should now make boats of the paper
on which we played tick tac toe