to give away all my bones

when ws the last time i dithered
not knowing whether the life will ask scarifice
or just entail some strife untold
the road was uneven
but the cart was repaired
by the smith who cared
for my departure
from the zone of peace
and care
now i will go again
and try my best
to give away
all my bones
to a sculpture
who needs them
to make the beads
that will be  stringed in a garland
time will offer the goddess of love
O Kali

it is time to go,

why will one wait for the rain
to erase the footprints of pain
the wind is blowing quite fast
taking some ships off the course
to destinations unknown,
do not feel aghast
the way forward is enjoyable
only because there is no cradle
to swing the child of hope
do not worry, my dear
i am all set to cope
with the fuzzy boundaries of a garden
in which we planted some flowers, some trees
and some weeds
who knows what is useful tomorrow
when some body gets hurt
in jungle
weeds will come to your rescue
do not bemoan  their disorder and
do not try to pursue
just let the time flow
whenever you do not hear any voice
and silences overtake the poise
it is time to go,
it is time to go

peedaon ki baat na karon

peedaon ki baat na karon
kehney se yeh ab ghatati  nahin hain,
lekin pehley kam ho jaya karti thi
kyun, tab tum takleef deney ke baad
hans liya karte they
apni galatiyon ka jikra aaney par,
apney aap se thodi guftagu karkey
aankhey neechi kartey they
ab, na wo neechi anakhey hai
aur na nahi wo hasney ka andaaz
kuchh gehri se parchai hai,
shaam ke waqt inki lambai se
koi apni manjilo ki doori nahin napata
tum diya mat jalao
in parchhaiyon ko
yuhin badney do jab tak raat ka
andhera inko jasb hi na karley
aur tab
takleefon ko kaun dekeheyga
koi chup chap jaletey swapno ki aag par
apney  haath so sekega

do not let clouds come in the way

do not let clouds come in the way
or breeze, storm your way through
thick  forests
and dense shadows of yesterdays
when cup of tea with spoon
got cold
and i felt uneasy,
to see all warmth gone, just like that

sahaj ho jao, mat dhundo kuchh bhi,

sahaj ho jao, mat dhundo kuchh bhi,

bas dua karo, gujar jaayey yeh kshan

mit jaayey aarju milney ki

badal ki us jharney se

jismey beh kar tum pahunchey they

jeevan ki anchhui  gehraion tak

aao baitho, socho

leheron par mat dhundo

parchhaiyon un spano ki, jo ud gayey hai, hawa mein

naye pul to bana nahin paogey

purany pulon ki puja karo

kya hua agar nadi sukh gayi hai

ab thoda peechey hi mud jao

will i remain myself?

by saying that
one starts walking on  an endless trail
do not ask me to give up
will i remain myself?
i am determined to
search the scent that
had beguiled me
when i was lying under a tree
and the quiet touch had woken me up
did i remember the touch
or the scent of the breaths
does it matter
so long as i can get lost again
but that tree has been cut already

why should squirrel be blamed

why should squirrel be blamed

for not nibling the bread i offeredf them today

it was dry


and hard

and they have been fed soft peices for so long

do we not all get used to sweat talk

and then sudden rudensss shocks


does it?

when a coin was presed under the wheels

when a coin was pressed under the wheels

of trains that passed by near my house

i used to keep those

distorted coins

so much pressure

shape reamined, a thin slice of time

got trapped in that moment

is my life like that pressed coin?

now, is this a reasonable wish?

when the tired night felt like turning yet another leaf
but the lamp
did not want to go that far
darkness was quiet
the stars were laughing
and i did not want to give up
now, is this a reasonable wish?