you may not know

you may not know

whether you could call

any time,.

but then you did and found,

the same readiness to engage with life

which had created the doubt in the first place

now, blame it on the smiles that i have always carried

with me to mask

my inner pains

or on my willingness to walk

a few extra steps whenever

some body seems to carry my burdens a bit afar

but then i am not willing to be drenched

in rain of sufficiency again

a traveler in desert does

not learn to quench his thirst too often

suddenly the rainbow vanished

suddenly the rainbow vanished

sky brightened

and clouds were hesitant

moist breeze indicated that it might rain

but it did not

strong breeze carried clouds away

and the shadows also disappeared,

i could now walk

aur jab wahi seemayen aadey aati hai

lekin sach mein kaha jayey
to chot kabhi koi doosara nahin pahunchata,
wo to ham swayama hi apney aap ko pahuchanetey hai

dil ko lagatey hai
aur phir saara hisaab kitaab seemaon ka bhool jaatey hain
aur jab wahi seemayen aadey aati hai
to phir chot laganey ka ilzaam
un par lagatey hai

was it for only you

whenever i wrote a poem, u asked me, was it for you
and i did not know what to say,
was it for only you
and i said mostly
but the truth is poem can never be only for one person, no matter what we think
how hard we try
it looses its target
once it starts acquiring meanings beyond
that moment when it is triggered almost always
by a single

aao, tum aao

aao , tum aao

barish mein bheego,

sneha bahrey geet gao, aao, tum aao

kuchh na socho

kuchh na dekho, jindagi ki rah mein

bas badatey hi jao, aao tum aao, sneha bharey geet gao,

tuum bas aao

the rains have made the gardens green

come back o bird, come back
the rains have made the gardens green
the rivers are in spate
but still not beyond the seems
you will find myenahs waiting to chirp
when you come
and the a little brown cat will mew
when she will find you fresh
do not hesitate, and keep walking
on the path you have chosen
and have found enchanting
who knows what will lie in store
the bruises of past will heal, i am sure
smile and wink and jump a few times
when you achieve what you want
regardless of the storms, dust and
the jabs of indifference galore

do not ask me to keep quiet

do not ask me to keep quiet

when the sorrows of the world fails to unite

those who care and are concerned

but are all engrossed in their own plans

to make the world better and safer

for those who have no supportive clans


the footprints of those who walked past

when some were raising the red flags,

telling them to think of consequences
of speaking out

i am happy that i did not keep quiet

what if the dust got into my eyes

some respond to their inner calling and some are deaf for so long

some respond to their inner calling and some are deaf for so long

some have gone on their own journey and some

have  found the path too oblong

some can not live without

facing the challanges that really abound

some have withdrawn into their own shells

learning to be helpless and digging their head in the ground

but  the world is beautiful because

of those who enough place in their heart

to include those whose who are suffering and may be are sad

disregarding what others say

who cares, come what may

why should you wonder, why silence persists

why should you wonder, why the silence persists,

how many voiced did you hear when

karna was killed unfairly

or arjun used foul means to kill enemies

or ram took help of betrayers of the trust

you have to live with this silence and persist,

the reward may be the indifference of those

whom you do not rever any way