asked a river


asked a river
to the haughty mountains
how do you survive
the caresses of so many streams
flowing all the time,
but many more
when it rains,
how do you escape the sensations
that misty clouds cause
while rubbing your face in the night
and the day
how do you hear the seducing sounds
of the birds and remain unmoved
what shall i say, said the mountain
do not you see different peaks
some taller then the rest
but to reach many
one has to start
always at the base
there are no bridges
between the peaks
i donot know
but whenever i feel
i move with the streams
avlanches follow
and thunder of the cloud bursts
and burried homes of the ants
then make me realize
so many have relied
on my immoblity
let me stay and stare
the passing streams and the beautiful sounds
even if they leave scars and some deep wounds

Why the rivers take a toll

Will u recall

Why the rivers take a toll

Banks do not protest

The swollen eye

Insipid silence

Why should one still try

He was stubborn like a reed

Wind was fierce

The ash is now scattered

You have wandered all over

Not knowing why

The address has been deleted

Wrinkles on the sly

Moist clouds in the armpit

Do not rush now

Every time you wish to abandon

The road is bright

The cervices bemoan the light

Have you seen the sighs

Floating over the waves

Salty taste, dried marks

Go and celebrate

Have a nice day

Queer are His ways

If the train was not leaving

Why will you bend down

The rainbow of hope,

Emptiness has enjoined

We are still at it

You may close the deal

Did you try to ask

It  was trusted  a path

But the flowers do not grow in the middle

Jelly was on the shelf

Dried snakegourd was served

Why will pot have a hole

When I tried to close the door

You yelled at the doorman

The rent can not now be paid

For your mustard muffler

For your mustard muffler

I am a hook

Else a rusted nail

When doors were ajar

You did not come in

Now, hinges have given way

You cried in pain

There was not much to gain

Balm is cold

I had tried in vain

Like hairs on mane

Of a bolted horse

ashankaye kyun hai man mein

ashankaye kyun hai man mein

swapno ko laga grahan

toot gaya ek aalingan

sneha bhara jo amantran tha
beh gaya kahin, nahin raha wo apnapan

aisey me karo sankalp

tan ko tap, man ko shradha,

mit jayey man ke bheetar hai to tam

utho, kaho, kya hona hai,

samay de raha awahan

manjil door nahin thi phir kyun

socha ab kar ley thoda wishram

taron ki god mein dhunda, jeevan ka thoda aaram

keh do, sab hai mithya,

sach hai, bas ek hi kaam

jeevan de do unki sewa mein

jo abhi nahi pahunchey apney mukam



not easy to be cool all the time

not easy to be smooth all the time

not easy to be vigilant all the time

why not fail once in a while

why not  trail once in a while

why not have a heart for strangers some time

why not heave a sigh some  times

why not just be some times

when the journeys do not end

when the journeys do not end

and the unspoken words  become the bridges

why do we complain

when the evening are a bit sullen

the life demands its toll tax

and more we explore, more gates we pass through

more tax we must pay

should not we

why would we regret the boulders on the way,

why would we regret the boulders on the way,

who knows when would l they hold some flood

or a truck whose breaks have failed

why should not every time

you turn your face away

i must imagine that you had tonnes of smiles

which you could  not contain

but were afraid to unload in my courtyard

i am lighter now

few  wrinkles in my kurta, that were there,

have declared

he restless nights that i have  spent

in wishing for a bell to ring

and the curtains to come down

on the play

that has no charactrs, but

which is kept on stage because audience

find it easy to stay, dispel the notion

that audiences can be created,

actors will rest now

rainbow has tilted after all

u climbed it from one end

and i got down from the other

why should we wait for sun to dry the tears

why should we wait for sun to dry the tears

would not wiping these make sense

but then who has the kerchief

big enough to soak all the tears

why will we create a dam to store these

will the  streams not be able to contain all the dust

which rose when caravans  passed away

without pausing even for a minute

to see how the marks of their wheels

had distracted streams from their course

when the freedom craves for constraints

when the freedom craves for constraints

when the love seeks boundaries

when trees invite amarbel

and when the moist soil seeks sun

one can imagine that liberty has taken roots

the boundaries between what is and ought to be has broken down

tanha se ho gayi hai ab vaadiya kyun yahan

tanha si ho gayi hai ab vaadiya kyun yahan

kis daur se gujar raha hai, jamana  yahan

kaun bhool gaya tha, hawaon ko  lagana ek kala teeka

kiski nazar lag gayi, kaisey jal gaya sara gulistan

thoda ruk jao, aur sun lo hawaye kya paigam layi hain

kiski bewafai ka, ab matam mana rahi hai, yeh surf  fizan

thoda yakeen badao, thoda haath badao, thoda to thamo,

in wadion mein chhupi hai, agar mehsoos kar sako, mohabbat bepanah