blank space

only when we are in blank space
we really matter
rest of the time
we are really play acting
let us be real
let us disappear
lestus evaporate
let us assimilate
let us be devoured

try harder

try harder
erasing the marks
they have been embedded in the breaths
soul is refusing to shed its skin
marks are a reminder
when imprints are improbable
the grooves become the grind
try harder

Drops are dyed in colours of hope;
why do we think, why do we worry,
rainbows are resident in your eyes,
is there a problem ?
when storms seduce,
why not cope?

losing without posssing

why do i feel lost a bit today
what have i lost
something i had promised never
to relish the possession of

whitewash all the walls
dont let them remind me
that we stood by them
to just stand and stare
as if
you really care

we mediated in the verandah
prayed selflessly
and then i also saw
a recoil
of all the retribution
all the distrust
of the winds
that could not wait
for the lakes to refill
when it rains
after summer
winds devoured
tears filled lake

will you stay, a moment longer!!

will you stay
a moment longer
lest the breeze
all the vapours that have condensed
over the cold glass
that has not been touched by you
for years
will you stay …
who knows
the knock on the door
goes unanswered
because inmates are asleep
dreaming about you
will you stay
will you stay a moment longer

i wonder

when i lost my compass,
i did not lose the sense of direction
i walked on
now that i find you, i wonder,
whether it was worth using compass at all

will knock every day, O Kali Maa

will knock every day, O Kali Maa

so what if you refuse to
open your doors
every time
that doesn’t matter
what matters is the music
i hear when my tap
at your door
resonates with the sound
of sap
flowing out of a nearby tree
may be in pain;
but persistently showering its shade
on everyone
who comes and knocks in vain