the little flowers will attract bees though

the little flowers will attract bees thoughbut who knows where will these bees rest tonioght

some body has ignited fire under this  treee which
used to host them for so long
shall i extinguish  the fire
and let the food of the hungry remain uncooked
or let the bee rest


why should we not mingle with crowd

why should we not mingle with crowd
asked the kites
painted in different colours
but then soem kites alwasy stood out, they flew in the sky
but dont ask why
they would  not engage with other kites
inviting and tempting as the  endeavour seemed
 may be they are made that way

the perseverance of a bird

every  day she will come and put some straws in her nest
and then will come strong winds
 and blow it away
she will not give up but will storms give up, neither
one day she realized that  stitching leaves togther is better
than the layering the same
now, how will wind trake away the tree's banches
and leaves still green
the stitches are still sustaining
and the nest has been overtaken by the ants
and the bird has shifted the tree
hoping that that wind will give up

when the postman passed by

like every day,
today also i waited for postman
knowing thatyuou dont write letters  any more,
you dont even sms
but then argument can hardly be maid in sms
and letters are not in vogue
phone is infrequent and who does not know
when you call,
i must listen mostly
how can i argue, u can threaten to keep phone back
but in letters we could not do so
 We have to make the argument
in the most wicked manner we could
but how to invite your wickedness, which i miss


cushion of concerns

when the cushion of concerns
does not seem too cosy for memories to incubate
just get up and start walking
open the window and let the breeze come in
who knows some clouds will descend and enter your room
through the open window and moisten the lips which had been dry
and a bit cracked
and then don't ask for any thing, just fold them and whistle
and sing songs
of the moments of joy
which were never too far away
when you were close to yourself
and all that you cherished when alone

when you spoke

when you spokeand i listened,
there were long moments of silence,
when we heard each others' breaths
whisper of breaths have long ceased to say
what we both wanted to hear
let us take a deep breath,
slow down,
and ask ourselves
why do we need to talk at all
---- cant we just be there, like that only