the crusaders are confused

the crusaders are confused

they did not know the aftermath of burning

pyers of innocents

they had not anticipated sprouts of spirits

that would not die

they pulverized the fields where the seeds

of love had been sown

but by then squirrels had eaten away the seeds

and scattered them in a valley

where no crusaders ever attack

the ghosts of fire reside in this valley

engulfing every one who has

tried to stop the river

tame the winds

and cover the sun

why have i not eaten well for so many days

why have i not eaten well for so many days

fasting for a week

or a weak soul in fast for these days

i do not know

but then prayers entail seldom a deal

more we seek, farther we go away from the goal

let us abandon our search
and then let time take its course

why are we so anxious

is our faith fickle

is it difficult to surmise

where do you find the energy from, o river

where do you find the energy from,  o river

asked a rock, a bit sad, sullen and overawed  by untiring journey of the river

she laughed

and stared at him

why do you ask such questions

did you ask sun, wind, or the birds

rock did not listen and exploded

all the dust filled the river bed

now river was a lake

ever expanding lake

kyun kuchh thakey thakey se nazar aatey ho

kyun kuchh thakey thakey se nazar aatey ho

kya baat hai, kiski talaash hai,

kis khoj mein apni hi dhun mein,

tum kahan chaley jaatey ho

kuchh kuchh……

kahin kuchh khoya to nahin hai

kahin kuchh beej yadon ka boya to nahin hai

kis ki khatir rahon ko sabhi ki, phoolon se bharey jaatey ho
kuchh kuchh

lagta hai, kuchh paa liya hai

kisee door manjil ki khatir, sabra ka fal kha liya hai

mehnat to kartey ho, kisi se kuchh nahin kehtey ho

phir kyun kabhi kabhi aankhon ko geela kiyey jaatey ho


why will you keep quiet

why will you keep quiet
when the whole forest is filed
with the chatter
of the birds
and the butterflies

have you seen a snake
waiting to grab its prey
have you become so concerned
with living
that you have forgotten to laugh\

when you were young, u laughed a lot

when you were young, u laughed a lot
some times you behaved as if you had grown up
and some times you cried
if even one wish remained unfulfilled
you did not relent
why do not you insist any more
why do u adjust to the situations
why do not you throw tantrums
may be you do not love me any more
dont you

wo intzaar naav ka, aur nagmo ki baarat

wo intzaar naav ka, aur nagmo ki baarat
wo chup chap nigahey, aur sapno ki saugat
wo ek chamak aankhon mein, ek shararat
lekin dard tha bheetar jab bhi, hun aaj bhi andar se aahat
wo intzaar

jab na tha dar, sadak par hairan tha koi, kya thi aakhir baat
kisee ne socha na tha, kaunsi  manjil thi, tum jo they saath
aaj bhi mushkil nahin hai, pahunchana usee mazar ke dwar tak
mannat mango na, maryadayen na tootey, sar par hai yakeen ka haath

why do shores hold sway

what, exclaimed the wind, on seeing the sails
tired of holding her in arms
why would u wish, i disappear, asked the breeze,
and you get lost in the middles of the sea

i did not have an answer, the waves had not taught me
how to keep the whirlpool away
snatching smiles from your eyes,
why do shores hold sway
over those who had embarked upon long arduous journey
alone, long time ago, in search\
of nothingness, so sublime that sparkles of drop
on her eyelids
would not show the fatigue ever again

bekhabar se ho jaatey ho tum kabhi kabhi

bekhabar se ho jaatey ho tum kabhi kabhi

kisee iljaam se parey, kahin kho jaatey tum  kabhi kabhi

koi baat karey na karey, iski koi chinta nahin tumko

apni diwaangi mein chaley jaato door  kahin , khud se kabhi kabhi

yadi geet agar tum gaatey

geet agar tum gaatey

karz ham par thodey aur bad jaatey

jaaney kitna sunapan tha,

swaro par bathey nagmo ke pankshi

aasmaan mein ud jaatey

geet agar tum gaatey