never to sleep again

wait, and see
if the door bell evokes some response
else knock again
and again
but not too long
if the princess sleeping inside gets woken up
never to sleep again
let her sleep
even if i return from the door empty handed

seeds of sanity

partaking a little sip
from the lake of gratitude
i was not sure
if i should ask for more
stay still
avoid inhaling the aroma of wild flowers
growing all around
and plant seeds of sanity
in my garden

when we walked in the rose garden

my accountability is to you and you alone
when we walked in the rose garden
amidst high hills and cloudy sky
you never asked even once, why
i was lost or unable to see
what colour you wore
and where did the rays reflected from
diamonds in your earrings
but today, i remember all those missed moments
and will try to fill your lap
with a few flowers
i have plucked
from then garden
before they fall on the ground, half closed,
but also half open
but past their full bloom
like we are, are we

Till An eagle flies past

Every chemistry lab seems to be different here
Same chemicals when mixed
Produce very different reactions
Why do they do so
Why do rules change
Even when
The materials remain same
How come clouds
Don’t rain when
We wish
But when
Sun is tired
Wind is still
They get tired of holding All the burden
In their wings
An eagle flies past

Our sense of significance

Why do we elevate
Our sense of significance
To such a height
That all the necessities
Get suspended
And we absorb
The radiance
Of worn out
Diamond reflections

nov 4, 2012