mining sand in a river

so far away
you come from
o sand miner
deepening the heart of river
now that it flows faster
but holding lesser
what can you do
o sand miner
you have to mine sand
so what if time can not withstand
this onslaught
all that is offered
so generously by the flow here
what can you do
but u have to live
river also wants to live

the loops of life

loops of life
so what
if there so much strife
when did she pause
when did she ask
if it mattered at all

loops of life
so what if there is so much strife

let me drink the nectar
at your feet, O kaali
once again
without a let
and go
i will stay here
so what
if these loops of life
so much of strife

stay there, closing the gap

u asked me to sleep that day
i didn’t
today i want to
but i can’t
not that sleep eludes me
but i have to walk
work and
with myself
stay there

dont tell me
a twisted tale
o traveller

i have heard many already
but tell me
why did you let
that creeper slip away
from your hold
which was crawling close
to close
the gap
between what is
and ought to be

forget those moments now

Mera Aakash khali khali Sa hua hai,
taron se poochho ab baat Kya,
jab koi din beeta Nahin hai,
phir Raat ki hai baat Kya;
bhoolo sabhi wo kshan;
mainey na jab man,
ab kahen kya bolo,
Mat mujhko taulo,
Bacha hi hai ab Kya,
mera aaksah …..

Don’t despair
I m here

So what if so away,
Who is really, so near

a garland of tears

may i offer
a garland of tears
will ot ever touch
the mountains of pain
rising slowly
with every breath and then descending


Erasure again

Erasures are the weapons of weak
Why try to find twisted ways to tweak
Love as you are wont to do
So what if like migrants, we don’t stay, and go
It is truth that brought you down
Why run away when it tries to drown
The desires will not float in a sea of sighs
Are you sure, I don’t know
If you can erase all the grace from your eyes