will fish spawn upstream again

smiles scattered
all the light
i had conserved in my eyes
in a flicker of moment
the dams was breached
the river had to flow
the waves were free
from the limits
banks had imposed
they touched, every breath
unleashed as it was
the sprinkling of smiles had
beseeched the beavers
to build the dam again
will fishes spawn upstream again

creeper grows

Will you let it go,
The sprouts have to grow
More you cling
The tendril wind less
Creeper grows
Without climbing higher
Leaving light to complain
Why didn’t you just flow

Denial would not suffice

The lustre
Of the sparkles
Around the source
Of faltering words
But also delivers
The assurance that
Denial would not suffice
The spoonful cherries
Can be tasted
If the evening has aged enough
And the morning star would not be visible
On a cloudy forecast

And the words become butterfly

When two leaves fall off a branch
About to break
Because o f strong winds
They it celebrate their deliverance
A few moments before that of
Shelter for so long
But when one of it makes
To your diary
As a bookmark
And reminds of the words
That a Sufi saint wrote
After his vows of celibacy were broken
In pain
To celebrate
A purposeless detour
But a meaningful exploration
Of the dust
That comes off a book shelf
Where all the books
Were kept
But not read
Lest the knowledge stupefies
The consciousness
And the words become butterfly
The leaf
The book
The butterflies
But the empty sky
The sensation of an aroma
Wrapped around a bouquet
Of flowers
Grown on the manure
Made of the other leaf
The second one
Which withered away slowly
So that I don’t forget the page
Of the book
The page
I wrote
When I was insane
I write
Lest the obituary of sanity
Becomes a gospel
Of modern world

Leaves not shed anymore

The Old tree is not shedding leaves any more
Rain has washed some of the stains
On the broken glass
The imprints of Tears
Have evaporated a bit
Aroma of tangential smiles
Joy of healed blisters
Healing balm of beautiful rays
Of morning sun
Will I be able to contain it
Will it stay on

In search of sunlight

You can climb on many trees
In search of sunlight
You can sprinkle smiles
To nurture many kites
You can illuminate the dark alleys
To be happy and bright
You can

Dutiful devotion

Purity of moments
Can not be measured
By making them monuments of arrogance
And impatience
Kindness flows
When moments are not memorised
But dissolved
In the dutiful devotion

Follies of fortitude

Insistence on remembering
Obliges one to not forget
How will then forgivance be possible
Without dissolving the follies
Of fortitude
How will we ever
Be compassionate

A bit of stupidity

Why did you dig so deep
That all the rainwater
Got collected inside
Good that the fishes
Will bless you
But the dried drain
Wouldn’t know
Where to scatter floating seeds
Of serenity
And a bit of stupidity

Fire inside

Gracefully I age
On the banks of a dried river
When forgotten promises don’t come to haunt,
Transgressed fences don’t
They merely
The responsibility follows
But never enough
The creeper can not replace the trunk of a tree
The branches can perhaps bear
The load of my dream tree house
But when I descend from there
On the ground
Will I be able to persuade
The worker ants to make a nice strong mound
For me
Cool inside
No matter even if the fire rages