fury unleashed

let me quietly wish
the storm that you unleashed
on all those caught unaware
will be able to pray for your blessings
strange are your ways of reminding us the limits
bounded scope of aspirations
we need to grant ourselves
yet every time
we are out of step
the fury of nature tamed by you unravels
our boundless limits

traces of leftover marks

dont look for marks
by the tight noose
that you tied
around the feet of
those who tries to liberate from your servitude
you can not forgive
nor forget
whiplashes of time

a devotional scarf

did you try to tear
the scarf
which had adorned your
shelf for so long
hoping that prayers
of the givers
persuade you to be pensive
prescient of quietude

the shadows of smiles

shadows of smiles
are not enough
it seems now
why will
it be, after all
the wrinkled sheets
covered grave
wind blows
stones press the
pieces of prayers
dont wait
move on,
withered wishes
are scattered in the garden
they will manure your hopes
and my blessings

was it right

stretching the rope
you wove with so much effort
to tie a moment
that was pure,
so what if a bit tense,
wasn’t worth, you assert

but it seems now
it wasnt wasted
it has precipitated a silver
crust of all the foam
by my conscience
while stretching the rope
let me heave a sigh
of relief
i am liberated
from cycles
of reciprocity

We can still craft the sails

Punctured sails
Slow wind
Boat is in disarray
Don’t worry

The sea was kind
But you threw away the oars
Jumped onto the ships
That seemed faster and gay
Now pray

May be the clouds have a conscience
They will reflect
On soaking all the tears
And yet raining the Storm
Hold on
Don’t feel shy