ki jikra itna bada bhi na tha,

ki jikra itna bada bhi na tha,
ki nagar mein shor mach jaayey
koi apni asliyat bhuley
aur koi deewana ban jaye

aap mat dhundieye in chingaro mein kisee aag ki khushboo
kya pata, koi jindagi ki manjil bhuley, aur koi patanga ban jayey

shukra hai, ki abhi baaki hai ummeedey jamaney ko badalney ki
kya farak nahin padta, koi gumnam rahey, ya koi lifafa ban jaayey

dont put the curtains on the windows again

don’t put the curtains on the windows again

who knows some rays may get trapped inside

and then may lighten those corners of your heart

in which you had conserved the darkness of yesteryears

light the candle

arrange the flowers

put the table mats

which i wove for you from waste plastics

but only to add colours that you might otherwise miss

why do not you take care of lost souls

why do not you take care of lost souls

who have been shortchanged by time

in the safety of their own nests

asked the visitor to my  door today,

what could i say,

how could i tell that the pains

of some are more intimate than that of others

ut then any thing otherwise will be untrue

should politeness take precedence over truth


erasing footprints

i went back to those footprints

which ihad left outside in the courtyard

which you had cleaned, and covered

with sweet nice coat of dung mixed with clay

if i erase these prints, i will leave new marks of erasure,

i decided to erase the prints of past

to leave the print of present

next time you paint the courtyard again

to welcome new times, seasons, scents of blooms,

u decide what you will do with these marks

student innovations

what is being done by NIT surat students volunteers:

a) the tech-project portal will be at sristi site and not nif because nif does not deal with projects from formal sector or professionals.

b) we should  have ratings by experts distinguished from the one by the peers. two separate ratings.

c) the most popular projects may pop out or be seen in a different window just for those who wish to see which are such projects,

d) should the plagiarized projects be removed or kept with such a label? see what your friends say?

e) we should make it possible for projects at one institute be taken up for value addition at another institute. so, some relay function should  be developed so that one can see how the ideas in one place by one  student moved to another place and still another place and got developed further. That will be the real value add ( chinzah: similar platform/option should exist for scai projects, we can adapt this portal design  easily for scai projects too. we need to track scai project and site activities every week).

f) there should be a good search engine installed at site so that it can link not only projects having common words but also common theses) this is a longer term project and will take a few years perhaps),

g) we can send a log list to every student whose project is visited by any user. If the students want, they can get visitors log.

h) there should  be ‘ideas for project‘   link: here nif or any small scale industry or even others can post ideas on which they wish students  to take projects, they can also mention what support ( workshop, mentoring, financial support etc., ) –feed forward

i) licensing link: here those who wish to license some technologies at the site can post their request and the portal can mediate a tech transfer at fair terms; here faculty guide may also have to be involved. do we have link for faculty guide under each project?

j) all those projects which are open source should be marked by a bold tag and can be highlighted in a separate window. our hope is to have at least 70 per cent projects as open source.
To suggest that majority of technology students buy projects from outside is quite unfair. Surely there are a large number who do it, thanks to indulgent faculty members, but then i am sure there are many who are trying to be original.

It for the above   reason that i started four years ago a small project of poooling student projects abstracst and full reports from various collges. Volunteeers of NIT surat have fanned out to 200 colleges already and i am getting very good  repsonse. I also discussed this  idea with  Dr Kolaskar and Vivek  of Maharashra Knowledge corporation who have also promised help.

If each TUC coordinator can help in thsi task, we can accomlish thsi task even more rapidly.

I am hoping to get 50k projects by the end of 09, and we have to get eventually 600,000 projects on this national techProjectindia portal.

this will provide an opportunity to link the problems of msme as well as grassroots innovators with the students. This portal will also enourage students to build upon each others’ ideas, put premium on originality and  help harness the power of kho kho model of product development.

Hope that this  idea will grow and we will then have a larger pool of ideas to select, secreen and nurture

volunteers are welcome


when the rivers are asking for banks to bend

when the rivers are asking for banks to bend

so that they can overflow

and fill the tanks

that are dry for long

quench the thirst of fields beyond

you may not forget

your prmise to blend

with the sea of hope and aspirations of many

who did not have the privelege of overflowing

and stayed here waiting for the banks to bend

when anger makes you helpless

when anger makes you helpless

you can not but think of but  revenge

think of me, o Kaali, who will faithfully be ready

to be sacrificed at your altar

and whose blood will wash your feet

donot then show karuna

and convert the drops

of my blood into flowers

whose fragrance will fuel your anger one moment

and impel you to embrace me the next

when a seed is sown

when a seed is sown

do we bother whose seed it is

earth claims it

plants that have withered away

are not even around to submit their say

and the ploughman just opens the furrow

how do i tell you, o wind

whether you should  bring clouds

now or later

when you even do not know

warmth of whose heart will propel you

in which direction

among many branches that you had

among many branches that you had

i could have perched on any

but could i

i needed to be there alone

but the tree is not mine, nor the sky

i fly but even wings are not mine

they have their own limits

but not my heart

i can be there above and around you

for ever

no matter

if the tree lives or dies