memoryscape, meandering and a meaningful walk

memoryscapes, meandering and meaningful walk


should memories become milestones,

does empathy/samvedana require us to be vulnerable

only in moments of vulnerability

why do we get closer to us

curtains are off

masks are torn

and yet the pain is deep and enduring

we have to move on, there is  always a tomorrow

dont doubt the availability

of lotions, patches and vapours

of all the incense sticks

i burned at the altar

of those memories

long buried, but spouts on the milestones remind

with years gone by, we do rewind

and refresh the wounds,

to absorb



not in vain

when u r tired

When u are tired,
Air is moist
Surrender to the breeze
Let her flow
Let the eyes within glow
Court uncertainty, ambiguity
Let the ambidextrous mind wander
Let us oscillate in piety
Compassion & forgetfulness