have you forgotten the steps

have you forgotten the steps
that we walked together
but you stumble now
off and on
may be the rhythm of walk
has changed
dance may not be posisble
but lyrics of your moods
still reverberate in my ears
i can rewind the time
dont worry
walk, walk

when the cold nights linger and warmth of morning seeps in

it is not every day
that a winter night refuses to freeze the dreams
that we saw many times
some times sparkling the stars studded in the pathway
on which you walked
and some times like hairs entangled
and knotted
in the comb that you have used sparingly of late
will you wait
for the dew to evaporate
so that i can smell
the aroma
that has permeated all the pores
of the bark
of a tree
aged and yet upright
refusing to fall down
now, dont give way
to let it fall down

when we fell down

when we fell down
not knowing what was the trigger

spects which were misplaced
or the path
which had more curves than we planned
now the road is plain, and spects are ion place
but we dont fall down
why dont we fall down

will the valley view recall

reading emily dickinson
over dinner table
and waiting for you to lift spoon
at lunch
was not so uncommon
but then
deep gazes could map the
depth of respect one could have for
unknown, stranger who i never talked to,
in summer of 1974

i will think of this as a suitable passage

when you asked my advice, i did not always
offer it
i tried to help you figure it out
but there were times when
i gave a lot of unsolicited advice
you did not like some,
liked the rest
but i am not sure whether you chose the right ones,
but does it matter,
what matters is the pause
you gave
every time
i thought you will speak

to u , before u go

to you, before you go,
i gave whatever i had, some knowledge,
some whispers, some obstructions
what else did i have
which was worth giving
and i did not give?

when the missions melted and the wax got frozen

when the missions melted and the wax got frozen
the rains stopped but sun could not care less
the wind was blowing
but the leaves had fallen
the branches swayed
but the lights did not scatter
you may think,
if this is the time to call truce,
the shots were fired
but target kept shifting, now the goal post has been changed,
you can throw the ball, but there is no body to protect the goal post