when blossoms bloom in your garden

when blossoms bloom in your garden
waves gather all the foam of fame
that boats had sought
when storms had resolved to publicise
but now in obscurity of oblong shadows
you are sulking
and moistened leaves
of diary are
refusing to even turn easily

does flood serve no purpose?

does flood serve no purpose?
should a river always flow with in the confines of banks,
every river, all banks?

what if we transcend some edges, some times
are we disenfranchised from the
poll of purity
in our thoughts and action
will those far off fields which get water
only because river is in flood,
will not complain
who will lift water to those shores
tell me , who will irrigate those dry, famished corners of my heart,
your heart,
this world?

why did you/we abandon all the constraints

why did you abandon all the constraints
living in the moment
you thought you got a reprieve
but it was ashort term jail,
just that it was beautifully adorned with
music you liked
sights from the window which mesmerised you
some how you did not understand, i still crave for those
silent moments near a grave yard
where all that mind woudl allow
to creep inside
was the wish,
a prayer
a wish
to be
and see no more
any thing which can constrain
and yet why did i, you and we abandon constraints,
why did we not let the moment remain incomplete
His wishes are seeded in those incomplete moments,
and yet we seek to complete every yearning,

have not yet scattered all the ashes

have not yet scattered all the ashes
i collected from
funeral pyre of those moments
that we could not bury and thus
decided to burn

you may remember we had met in bastar, those wise tribals
who will not bury the sick dead people,
will burn them
how could one offer sick people to mother earth’s womb
sick memories also deserve to be buried
for ever

when few smiles were not giving way

when a few smiles were not giving way,
i could not decide,
if it is because we have reduced our expectations
or is that mountains have had landslide,
some big stones fell
some small ones too
but now climbing has become more difficult
but i dont give up,
so have started repair of my temple,
will u light the lamp