miracles do happen

99 Tiny Stories to Make You Think, Smile and Cry

a friend opened the door of this site to me, remarkable stories, but then i have always believed, miracles do happen that is only way, may be also a way, we TRust HIm

met a BEE on the way home, recently
an algerian born French entrepreneur, Jehade Belamri into manufacturing engineering machines, and few minutes into a taxi, taking us at 10pm to our respective hotels near railway station, lille; i discover that he not has a honey bee on his card and his company is bee.fr

out of all the people in the conference, Let us Dare, France, only one person was to come in my life, with bee as the name of the company, and great believer in bee philosophy, thanks to its reference in Holy Quran “”
Your Lord revealed to the bees: “Build dwellings in the mountains and the trees, and also in the structures which men erect. Then eat from every kind of fruit and travel the paths of your Lord, which have been made easy for you to follow.” From inside them comes a drink of varying colours, containing healing for mankind. There is certainly a Sign in that for people who reflect. (Qur’an, 16:68-69)””

why not just sink then

swollen river
squeezed the little space that existed
between dry tall rocks
guarding the gate of
a dry, famished garden
and made its way
flooding all the edges
of the indifferent passes
now, wait
till flood recedes
or let me learn to swim
but both seem not possible just now
why not just sink

A new memoryless world

Even if the black stone
Has not become a
shivaling to adore
Or embrace,
The dance of destruction,
Creation or sustaining
These desires
Has not yet begun,
May be you will choose
A new deity
Who is more kind
More merciful
More patient
With pleadings of an advocate
Determined to win the case
No matter how tired is the judge
Or how weird is the wiring in his brain
no matter how fickle is the resolution
Of the shiva
You will still make the claim
Dissolving the rocks
Diluting the poison
He is holding in his neck
And hope that
Shiva will forget
The resolution
Leave the land
Churning of sea
Lest emerges the nectar and e prison again
He would not do it
And you will not give up
Let us hope
A new time is born
A new Scale
A new memoryless world

Don’t steal the surprise

Sept 13 2
Don’t steal the surprise
It is true
I haven’t seen, the glue
Which keeps your desire
So strongly navigated by the crew
Of the ship sailing to shore far
Amidst waves not knowing
How to swirl
In the deep eyes
Of a whorl

From the surface of the lake of wishes

I will decay
So that
You can make hay
And the sunshine
Will shower its blessings
Over the path on which
Drops of dew
Will dance
Climb two steps
And descend one,
Singing the songs
Of Sunrays reflecting
From the surface of the lake of wishes
Far high in Himalayas
What if all the wishes come true
Paradoxical tensions will prevail
And the glaciers will melt
Because a cat will emerge on the canvas
Leaving her kittens way back in the barn
The chicks will roost
Behind the huts near the river
And the droplets will drizzle
From the trees under which
We will climb
On an endless path to nowhere

Let these seeds of my hopes Grow

Sept 15 3
Why have you come
O breeze from across seven seas
To trigger pains which I had learned
To live with
For so long
What makes this world so strange
Why do we have
Layers of pain deposited
In a cup of tea
With lots of milk
But I don’t like such a cup
Except when she makes it
With lots of basil leaves
And lemon grass
For her, making tea is a celebration
A daily celebration
For love
Complete and congruent
There is no place for
Wrinkles on forehead
Does it matter ow trying we are
Love grows in the sanctuary
Of vulnerabilities
She can’t walk as strong as she can stare
See, far deep into my eyes
For a faith
That I can offer
And must
But this breeze
Threatens to engulf all the leaves
In my garden
Of trees, saplings, and also cactus
But if the breeze stays, how can the leaves stay green
They will fall down
Even before they have lived the course

Will you like all leaves to fall down
Will storm settle down
Will tea be made again
Will I be able to sustain
Leaves and the lives of those
Lives which can grow
Only when the fallen leaves decay,decompose
And let seeds of hope sprout
O breeze
Let these seeds of my hopes

All the rocks tried in vain

15 sept 1

Moss grew along
The twisted banches in a moist valley
Diving deep in a lake of longing
I tried to scoop a few oysters
But the pearls couldn’t hold the heat
My palms were burned
In the fire of fury
That the lake emitted in the forest
Burning trees, crying birds
Red sky
Smoky breeze
All the rocks tried in vain
There wasn’t a single train
I could have boarded to go away
The rails are, like curved branches,
mangled in the volcanic eruption
Why did you
Expect, anything to survive
After the fire
The ire
Your mire
A desire
Burried in the grave
Of responsibilities towards the
Forest which is on fire
Just now

The longing may betray

Sept 15 2
Deep embraces
Desire less braces
Holding the tender tethers together
Don’t walk with me
On this narrow path
Nothing to hold
Fragile rocks
Deep descent,
Can I hold
A falling star
From the milky way
In the dark blue sky
Why do you say, on the sly
The longing may betray
The bonds that a bridge craved for, a bit shy
Over a river
Amidst mountains high,
Do not ask,
Do not vie
With the creeper already
Growing on the soul tree of mine
I don’t know
If it keeps the tree growing
Or vice versa
But I can not promise
The space in this vast sky
For another milky way
Just be there
Without asking

let breeze settle all outstanding dues

dont brush off fallen hairs from my shoulders
these are on their way
somewhere, where
what is and what ought to be doesn’t matter very much
let them be,
after all, like the dried leaves in autumn
will not they call on the port of their duty
let them,
dont stop them,dont keep these in your diary
who knows
they may germinate
and the trees may grow out of your window
into the open sky
the dried leaves will cover
your courtyard
let them
dont stop
let breeze settle all outstanding dues
will you

should i surrender my memory at your altar

should i surrender my memory at your altar
when will i know
what did i lose
when you erased the part of what
we wrote with our fingers on a misty window pan
dont recall your shouts, nor your long silences
nor even the spoon in the cup of tea
and the strong aroma of the dish
you cooked for me
just dont