Baring the soul

More I bare the soul
More you encroach the boundaries
Let us now resolve to stand on
The two sides of the river
There is no reason any more
For boatman to take us across
The respect for bridge has gone down
Trivia has become the profound

It is time to burn the bridges

Letting snow in

Have you ever opened the windows
To let the snow flakes enter the room
Because the heat inside chokes your throat
I did so last night

I inhaled the coldness
As if there was not enough outside
But the snow started burning
It fuelled the fire
I had to close the window
The rules were broken
Language took leave of reason
And words proved why silence
Sometimes is better than
But if I hadn’t heard the sound of snow
Will I be able to hear the sound of flowing molten ice
Water had no autonomy
Ice engulfed it before
It tried to flow
Why does ice devour the dreams of water
Why can’t fire be allowed to consume
The snow
But then winds will get annoyed
They flow so that
It can snow
Thy flow So that somebody can show
The genuine desire to skate on Ice
So what if the uneven path
Makes me skid
Fractures are preferred
Over fears
Conjectures are preferred
Over disengagement

Tomsk to Moscow
March 22 , 2013

Be lighter now

Why should not the binge
on the ballroom floor
Be lighter now
Why shouldn’t the beaming face of a fighter
Be brighter now
Why would a ray not bend it’s course
When deflecting from
The cheeks of an old grandmother
Why do you then bemoan
My silence
I m gathering all the fallen leaves
That could fertilise the soil
I had not ploughed for years
In my backyard

main apni baat keh kar chali aayee

main apni baat keh kar chali aayee
tum apney dhyan mein magn
kuchh bhi nahin sun payey
shayd yeh gehra dhyan
tumhari takat hai
aur mera unsuna reh kar bhi
apni baat kehtey rehna
ek sambal hai
chalo apni apni taakat ko yunhi
badatey rahey
kabhi tum sun pao
aur mein ansuna kar,
magn jeevan mein tumhey
bata paun, ab meiney bhi maun saadh liya hai

broken glass

dont piece together the broken glass
it is not worth it,
it will not even please the pieces

may be make an art work,
if you really want the glass to live longer than
pieces would allow
and then stain the art with
your blood
some of it will come out
as it did last time
you picked these pieces
when window glass pane was
through an intrusion of a cloud
inside your room

close all doors and windows in this place so that
u can open them elsewhere
i did not hear the sound
of the door closing,

Swallow the clouds

Did you ever
Ask The Lord
How will he silence the fire
Which engulfed the fort
Of fortitude
Only to atone for the faults

Let me resolve to see
The impossible dream
A river that will flow in the air
Swallow the clouds
Sweep the shadows
Leaving none in doubt
Where will I build the gallows
For unmet desires and unreached goals
Quieten the nerves
Don’t scatter the moth eaten seeds
Embryo is embarking
A journey with in
By sucking all the milk of kindness
It will grow into an obstinate tree
Come and sit under it
Complain, create, walls of wailing woes
The tree will not get tired
Of patiently listening to
What is its destiny
A journey to wipe
Some tears and ignite a few smiles
But in the process
Earn the ious of some silent grass blades
Which didnot hurt even as
they were trampled
Again and again

The river broke its banks

Did I play ever
With the spirit
Of a rainbow
Even if I had a drought for long
In my island
Accusing me of playing,
The river broke its banks
And flooded the barren fields
But now the banks will be rebuilt
The sandbags have been ordered
And the factory is working overtime
No play
No spate
Focus on the flow
Pure and sublime
At least few cacti in the
Garden may flower
Only when deprived of water
Feb 28 , 2013