don’t ask, why have we fallen

don’t ask
why have we fallen
for remedying those pains
which appear
only when we know
remedies are not too far
why should not we thus
go away
let the pain persist
so that we learn to
cope, create
and cooperate
with the doctor

how may wells will i fill to dig the new ones ( hindi)

kitney kyuen bharey yahan, aur kitney khodey
har baar tum jab isko bharti ho,
doosara kuan aur gehra ho jaata hai
kirney yugo tak in kyuon ko bharogi, bolo jara
kitney kyuon mein bharney ke lieye
mitti aur pathhar khodogi
kabhi haath mein chot lagegi
khoon bahega
aur dard hoga
aur har us dard ko mehsoos karney ke leiye
mujhey phir kuan khodna padega
tum phir bharogi
lekin har baar jo bhi naya kuan khudega
wo pehley khueny se aur gehra hoga
aur usko merey aansuon se bhar bhi dogi
to kya us kyueny ki pyas bhujegi
kyun jid karti ho
kyun meri pyas bharti ho
kyun pathharon ko tod kar
mitti khod kar
meri haar ko har deewar par
ek ishtihar ki tarah likhti ho
jaane bhi do
meri pyas ko bhujaney ki koi fikra na ho,
koi diya mat jalao
kisee mandir mein puja ab nahin hogi
kyunki bhagwan waha hai hi nahin
wo to kab ka
apney lieye bhakto ko dhundaney
is duniyan mein aa gaya hai
aur kal hi to mila tha
aur usney kaha
kisee ko kamiyon ka bharne ka ashirwad mat dena
kyunki usney mujhey aaknhon mein
chamak baantney ko behja hai
kisee ke kuyen
ko bharta jaun
aur usey majboor na hona padey
aur kyuney khodney ke lieye
sabki pyaas bhujey
uski adhoori na rahey
iseee dua ke saath
meri jid, tujhey alvida
alvida, ho ke khush ho,
kehna merey khuda,

ho poorri teri aarjoo
alvidaa meri jid, tujhey kurbaan kiya
meri pyaas ki arthi par
do diyey jala
tu jaa
ab tu jaa
jaa bhi na

I can hang on the edge of a tendril for as long, 2008

I cant sing as well as you can

I cant dance either

But I can listen

I can absorb

I can hang on the edge of a tendril for as long

As it will let me

Will not complain when I am dropped

Because the vine has to grow

And at long last, it has to show

How much it could have made a difference

If only, some one had held its hand,

Taken it along, on a path

Where every stone celebrates irreverence,

Just the irreverence

and then bury me, do not burn me, 2008

and then bury me, do not burn me

When I could tell you the stories

From the bed where I will lie

Not able to describe some of the characters

Who gave me oath of secrecy?

But whose place in the story

Remain etched for ever,

With impressions that they leave

No one ever really measures,

I will sing songs that could be sung by anyone

But whose words will mean

Some thing different to every one

You will quiz me, I will smile

And keep weaving the web, the carpet

Without having any worry about

Who walks on it,

whose worries are trapped in it


let me just disappear

let me just clear

my table of all tasks, all pending letters

to be written

and then bury me, do not burn me

so that by adding a bit of manure

I will let this world be richer

Rather then be more foggy, more smokey

dissolving you every day, bit by bit, 2008

dissolving you every day, bit by bit

There is nothing else that I could give you

Not even memories you can talk about

Nor the sweet talk that could force you

To turn around

I could not give you a seed to sow

and let you be proud to nurture

dissolving you every day, bit by bit

and letting her grow further

will I put it on my board

for younger leaders of future to know

why should they not ever fall in love

with their kins or even such strangers,

who may demand accounts

of every breath that you, or they borrowed

from the future,

and from the hunters and gatherers

when the stars fell incessantly

when the stars fell incessantly
bad omen was written on all walls
but then that very night
was born
a dream
a hope
a possibility of something becoming some one
did we throw it way, almost
but the omen still is stuck
to the birth of his dream
but then dream is determined to be fulfilled
so much that eyes dont close
now for nights

when all deadlines have passed

when all deadlines have passed,
you need to ask, what is more to tie you
to the old dogma
of pressures of such limits
is it an urge to be there,
some where

dont remind me that day, moist and far away,

dont remind me that day, moist and far away,
dont show me the window
nor the all the gold that lay in the skies
dont ask me to show
all the pain i had in my body,
it still has not gone away
but i am aware
i was lying there
free from all coverings
that wisdom paints on one self
and then some storm
sucked all the spring,
why should one feel drained

dont whitewash this wall again

dont whitewash this wall again
let the stains stay
it is true to its history that way,
let the stains stay

why did you call me other day
when i had no hopes left
and there was no reason to say
what you said, unhesitatingly, your way
yes, just your way, u will complain
for what could not be done, how hard he tried,
but be as it may
i will still try, you will not sense it,
i will still try, and pray
no matter what you say
i will still and pray

why has autumn set in already

why has autumn set in already
is spring too far this time,
will lake like
or the sky will spike
chances of any tsunami
breaking out of banks
no matteer how strong
will the waves measure
the depth of the anchor
by breaking the ship