Looking for my North Star

Looking for my North Star
I paused near a jungle
Dissolved directions
Unsolved puzzles
Near death experiences
Sublime memories
All seemed to give up
North Star
North Star

How I wonder
Where you are

burden of tears that did not flow

dont tell me
to stay quiet
said that stream
loudly jostling with rocks
if i became quietyou will ahve dorught
and then birds that sustain your garden
will not return
tears are not enough
to irrigate all the tulips
i had planted in your garden years ago
shall i stop the flow

dont debark the tree so hard

i know
you need bark of this tree
to paste on your old wounds
that pain during winter
but if you debark too hard
the tree may die
how ill you heal then in future
let it stay alive
at least
for now

sadness can sustain, stay on

while walking through mountains
we put stones one over another
they say,
fragility of piled stones fulfills wishes
no matter how far fetched these may be
but i am afriad
if those wishes really come true
let sadness sustain
i am ready
stay on

why was crest so hard to break

i tried to plough slowly
but it wasnt easy
years of drought
had made the soil harder
what could i do
try harder
or wait for it to rain
soften the soil
but lightning struck last night
a storm is brewing
i dont know if the sprouts of seeds sown this year
will grow well,
but what is the choice
new day
dont say
what you may