i am not going to complain

i am not going to complain

even when i am made the scapegoat of your failures

with the froth filled scoops

of smiles

on the boats that are afloat in water

which is about to dry

the lillies in the garden are swinging

the lillies in the garden are swinging

breeze has taken a toll

of the resolve

of the rows

of  lamps in the lake

not willing to be extinguished

yet not making the breeze totally inrrelevant

they are going out of my sight

so fast, listen o breeze, why do you wish to swallow their light


the curtain is not still

the curtain is not still

so what if the breeze moves it around

may be knots in your hair braids

will not make much sound

when you walk quietly to offer flowers

to Ma kaali

and ask your wish to be fulfilled

with a fear of some unsaid  wishes too getting fulfileld

do nt keep wishes unsaid

tell Ma every thing,

she will tell you the way ahead

no matter whether remains our wishes

said or unsaid

why not be like an igloo

the autumn is at hand,

leaves will fall and

trees will bare their branches soon

but the shawl of snow

that a peak

has covered itself  with

will still stay

after all, it is going to be cold

and why not be like an igloo

i am also using all the pains

to bury The pain

why will scattered rays of a lonely light, cause so much of commotion

why will scattered rays of a lonely light,

cause so much of commotion

has a watch, still for a long time,

discovered the meaning of motion

who will understand why the travel

to a forgotten place has become so easy

you aSK ME to organise my life

but  do i have the time

The Time

for keeping things in order

and be blamed for indulgences that you do not like

is tarah koi apna adhikar jamata nahin hai

is tarah koi apna adhikar jamata nahin hai

kisee ki majboori ko kisee diwar ki tarah apni aankhon mein uthata nahin hai,

neenv mein kuchh pathar aur dalo to yaaro,

kisee boodhi imarat ko koi sirf nayee rahon par chalney ke liyey girata nahin hai

agar tumhey waham hai, to phir koi imtihan kyun na lo

koi kisee ko fail karney ke liyey, apne swalon mein painch yun lagata nahin hai

tumhey to yakeen hai ab isliyey. koi shikayat ab kyun karey

jiskey dil mein dard na ho, wo koi geet purana yuhin gungunata nahin hai

i will speak and demand explanation, Ma

ma, once again you are quiet
in your own indomitable style,
you use silence as your strongest armour
may be this makes you feel powerful
but then do we sense power by dominating,
by suppressing,
or by masking what is inside
is that why
people pour their heart before you
and feel powerless

is that why you bless them
but i will not submit
i will not surrender
i will speak and demand explanation
for the words that you withheld
and did not utter
because you thought what i did was wrong
but then who does not do wrong,
what is so special in my mistakes
except that i keep renewing my scars by nurturing them
with your unforgiving attitude

be as you are
ma,  you are after all, all embracing
may be this is the way you bless me,
till I stop punishing myself, you will not speak

let me forgive myself first, only then will i come back
and seek your forgivance, is that right, now do not speak
let me go back a few steps


when resplendent were  the winds with aroma of yesterdays, 
when incense was burned whole night and day
in a clay pot at your feet, ma durga
but did you care about that, you wanted to taste
only the pudding cooked in the tears of a squeezed 
tired, night
how will you know ever, what does it mean
to rejoice the swellings on the lips
which dont speak a word
even when all that she hears is not worth listening to
but then she can not close her ears,
nor close eyes
but you ma durga, deaf and dumb, 
some times blind, you have many faces, many moods
after all, you have teased the time of its essence
the moments  are now devoid of any meaning

you have demanded the offerings of those meanings which
made her dance


arav 5: tum kamosh, sunatey ho uski awaj

tum kamosh,

sunatey ho uski awaj

kabhi dheemi

aur kabhi bahut saaf

kah nahin patey ho, par suntey hain

samajhatey hain

aur mehsoos bhi kartey hain


tumhari jyada , lekin

uski bhi fikra nahin hai


kaisey wo samajh payega

jab badha hoga,

kya usney paya

kya khoya hoga

lekin yeh sab

bemani hai

ankhon mein aansu nahin,

wo kahega

pani hai,

aur sach bhi to hai, aakhir usko kyun



subah ki roshni

mein kaisey chhupaya

hai har roj,

chhaya hai hridya mein jo