when we fell down from bicycle

when we fell down from bicycle

because we had not learned to drive it well,

we were hurt

but once we learnt it

it did not seem to  matter any more,

that we has one reason less to feel hurt

calculus of concessions_2

calculus of concessions_2

when we submit to unjust demands of friends

we go down in their esteem

but do we go up in our own self esteem

why not then fight and allow forays

into the jungle of ideas and imaginations

where rules do not matter

where devil can have dinner with saints

and yet be allowed to be devilish

when anger edits the long essay

when anger edits the long essay

we can say quickly and perhaps with excessive emphasis

all that is not beyond reproach

why regret when

molten lawa can flow only for a while

it has to cool down

and then create new wedges, walls and windows,

if the view of sea that you liked the most

is blocked by the new walls created by lawa of your anger

do not regret

just let  it stay

and try to climb over the walls

to real view

that you wish to see

but are afraid

to see

the rays of indifference do not pass through my room

the rays of indifference do not pass through my room

they never did

but you have always stressed

that the directions of radiance is now reversed

the reflections do not figure in your mirror

why has the time forgotten to keep friendship with space

why does a volcano erupt every time

the snow clad mountain

wants to bend and touch the wet basin of a lake

that is still not dry

you keep asking, why why and why

did i commit all the msitakes

but did you ever ask

was the memory loss

and all the frogetfullness

just a sly

the sea has become silent

the sea has become silent
not able to contain all the storms
that come riding on the rivers
that drain into its arms
to dissolve
to resolve or
to absolve
it of all the sins
of having allowed so many
rivers to embrace its shores
and be one with
its core
the salty sublimate
of the tears
it gathered
from all the corners of the earth
salty tear
salty sea
sweat river
why do the arms of the sea

when the dreams are drowned in a turbulent sea

today when you lit the fire
and welcomed the happy spirits to your home
we waited outside amongst the strangers
to shower our blessings on you
but you walked away
hoping that
we will not be seen
but then we are always there
no matter whether the fire burns
or gets extinguished
or just smoulders
in the backyard
where you buried the sweets
we sent
for celebrating your joys

that tide had turned

when the swirling river decided
to take a turn less
and flow
towards the hill
i realized
the time to wake up
the tide had turned
why be reminded
that tide had turned

jis aam ke ped ke neechey kabhi kheley they

jis aam ke ped ke neechey kabhi kheley they

us se aaj aam girey

bahut girey, aandhi tej thi

aaam ke taney tanik najuk they

lekein  main unhey utha nahin paya

jaise hi kadam badayey

laga unki seemon ke par ug aayey

wo badti gayi

main simatata gaya

ab dosti ke din yaad kar raha hun

tumhari shakhaon par kab baur aayey

iski prateeksha mein pal pal gin raha hun

why do we deflect the rays

why do we deflect the rays
from the surface of our soul
as if we are impermeable
let the light pass through
all that we hold inside
so that it cuts through the maze of illusions
we do not have to hold any thing
which can not be shared outside

one task less to do

did i scatter the stones just like that
i had piled them
for so long from the path that you walked on
lest they lead you to fall
and hurt yourself
but then my right to collect even the stones
from your path
has been taken away form me today
am i lighter
one task less to do
but one burden more to bear