why does a pain subside,

why do moments evaporate,
why does a pain subside,
why do we remind ourselves
when forgetting makes so much sense
is it the only way,
morality of moments
is it the only way
times do test

let us reinvent the moment

if dots put apart make more sense
make the ground between them
green and healthy,
let us keep them apart

let us not let drops of water
resting on the surface of
a glass
having cold milk
merge into a stream
let them evaporate before they moisten
the eyelids

a moment i failed to capture

why would a moment stay put,
does it not know the limits
or it has decided to flow, like a whiff of fresh air
but then air may cary so many ashes of so many moments
dont ask breeze to pause
ash will settle down
in your graden,
fertilize the ground
and will let those flowers bloom
which you had uprooted
calling them weeds

action, action,action: what should protesters demand from government for zero tolerance for crime against women

WHY SHOULD NOT GOVERNMENT PROMISE: A) fast track inquiry against all MPs and MLAs against whom molestation or even worse charges exist, b) immediately take up a review of police reforms so that police can do what it is suppsoed to do, c) withdraw all unnecessary security from Ministers and others and report all cases to Parliament where politicians force police to free criminals after booking them for various offences including the ones against women, d) ensure that all cases of rape which have been pending for follow up are put on national register of crimes against women and their progress is reported to nation regularly, e) instead of pushing for death sentence for rapist, castration and life imprisonment might be much more deterrent, f) the cases closed due to political influence such as Ruchika’s case must be reopened and re-investigated, the cases in north -east or eastern india or elsewhere against dalit women must be pursued more vigorously and g) the current protests in delhi should be used to achieve an all party consensus in a special session of parliament on fast track police reform, re-orientation about female security, and mount a major offensive against eve-teasing and declare zero tolerance for crime against women.

volcanic showers of stars

last night,
there was a volcanic shower of stars
fille dmy lake, otherwise dry
with fragments of broken and full stars
but then this year, there has not been rain

it is drought of desires
flood of sighs
and overflow of an anger,
of wilted tributaries
of leaking channels
and weeping willows