now that you are away

emptiness is accessible,
now that you are away
when the roses forgot to flower
when bees did not pollinate
when sun was lazy to wake you up
i was still around
when you did not ask
why the waves roam so carelessly
when the mediation was only way
of being together
when breaths were not counted
since they were so slow
whispers of wishes in the unclaimed sky
did not echo any more
emptiness is accessible

Move on

Torn inside
The storm just asked
Why did you betray the trust of waves
Ocean laughed
How else will you ever move on
Falling in love with shores
Will finish you
Will it

a little angel


a few lines
all the gifts
will it suffice to say
did you offer so much
as i was about to empty myself?


a little angel’s art, one year two month old archisha

rain in my garden

dont complain
why did the birds fly away
but nest still exists
who knows
they may come back some day
with renewed faith in the nest or breeze
dont cry
sky still has a lot of clouds
ride on the dense one
and rain
in my garden

demolish the lamp posts

when a ship
swirls away
from its path

its navigation system has failed
for breakfast

but storms dont come just by invitation ( sometimes)
demolish the lampposts
i am trying
will you also try
you lost wave

seeds of pain

hopes are still alive
nurture them or
search and grow
seeds of pain

or invest your dreams,
in the eyes of a child
who will walk on paths unknown
without worrying about loss or gain


Don’t wail
It has already rained
So much
Who will notice drought
Of desires

strings of a sitar

strings of a sitar
very far
sung by birds on that old tree
in your garden
whose stories
you always told those who
cared to listen
stay around
just stay still

you will not go away

will you go away
how could you
as if a river can flow back to its origin
you have flown
so long
but then sometimes
river meet the sea
stormy and not so quiet
but you are the storm
hope you will sweep
all that
came in your way
and a sprit
will sustain
my hope
i am the sea