kyun achanak, kuchh paal itney bhaari ho gayey

kyun achanak, kuchh paal itney bhaari ho gayey

wo na boley, aur ham kya kuchh samajh gayey

kisee ummeed ko palney ki shart na kubool ho

is lieye kadmon ke nishano khud kuchh dhumil se ho  gayey

aaj bahut mayus sa ho gaya hai, lagta hai koi hamsafar

kya kareyn, tanhaion ne kasam di hai,

khud jo ham apney aap se door ho gayey

surface of a slate

How will it matter

if I can touch or feel

the surface of the slate

            on which you  write

            instrunctions  for time to fellow,

            I may not even be able

            to Smell, the aroma of an

            early morning dew,

            | may not see the colours

            of the  rainbow in your


            when they are sparkled,

            But my incapacity

            can not determine

            the depth

                                    ‘to which one can


                                    the hope of finding

            Some water, in a dry parched land,

                        I can try, melt, dissolve

                        and disintegrate

                        so that I can fertilize

                        the bed

                        in which you sow, the seeds


                                    of your hope, faith and music

dhumil sa basant

dhumil sa basant, ek safed barf ki dali,

kuchh rang, kuchh paridhan, aur uskey aaney ki gadhi;;

baichain mainey bitayey, bahut pal, yuhin,  kai bar,

lekin seencha hai, har bar, yuhin maney apni jado ka aitbar;;

kisee ke anchal mein, ug aayi hai, meri aastha ki ekbel is ghadi

uskey kaanto mein na fans jayey, aanchal mein liptey taro ki ladi;;

jao bahut door, itna ki, na dikh payey meri aankho ki chamak

swapno main failo, raundo ret ke gharondey, taaki baaki rahey yadon ki mahak;;

tumhari khushboo ko aasman mein failaney ko jee chahta hai

tumhari khushboo ko saarey  aasman mein

failaney ko jee chahta hai

kisee bel ki najuk si dali par

basant ka bhoj dalney ko ji chahta hai

tum mujhko kisee kaabil na samjho to,

koi baat nahin

tumko jo yakeen hai, tum par,

usko jindagi ka ek paimana bananey ko ji chahta hai,

kai baar mujhey shaq hua hai,

meri hi niyat par mujhko

meri isi aadat ko, ibadat ki

ek saadi si chaupai baanney ko ji chahta hai

mainey imandari se mohabbat ki hai,

raat ki chadar par padhi har silvat se

jindagi ko khubsurat bananey ko

tumharey maathey ki har salvat ko mitaney ko ji chahta hai

we cannot erase the imprints of our hesitations

we cannot erase the imprints of our hesitations

we can not chase, the mirages of our persuasations

if you are still not convinced of my pleadings, i can understand

but what is difficult to accommodate today,  is a doubt no end

when a diary continues to be blank, still so far, will i care for any  page

shall i pray, some day, you may understand, why i am anxious at  my age

majboor sa ho gaya hun teri khamoshi ke karan main aaj

majboor sa ho gaya hun teri khamoshi ke karan main aaj

kya kahun ya chup rahun, sarokar is se nahin hai mujhko

teri fidrat rahey chain aur yakeen ke saath har subah,

iski kuchh fikra to hai, kuchh shak bhi ho gaya hai, meri ibadat par mujhko

kya koi yakeen itna najuk bhi ho sakta hai,  iska ilm nahin tha ab tak mujhko

ab jab dikh raha hai mera aks kuchh toota toota sa mujhko

aap thoda rukh badalieye, aur tod deejieye khamoshi ka kham jo hai itna tumko

mera chain to ab khatm ho gaya,  lekin ummeed hai thodi baaki,

kisee parindey ne aaj shama se moahaabt jo ki hai

few tulips on the road side

few tulips on the road side
some creepers on the wall
when did i say, the spring was over
the flowers still hung on a few trees so tall.

do not look for shadow there
do not wonder, and exclaim what a gall
the meandering rivers dont complain
when they smoother rocks and don’t answer shore’s call

time is a glue

time is a glue
that can hold  A HORIZON TOGETHER

but fails to keep those moments
intact which were put in a jar
of reciprocity
the asymmetry of aspirations
and reciprocity of responsibility
are not what makes the life what it is
just let the water overflow
out of vessel  already full
who knows when will drought occur and
drops will demand
their price

when lights sorround me

being shadowed from so many sides
by strong lights
i am measuring which shadows are longer
which source is farther
why am i doing that
do then decide
from where to seek more light
to read those poems
which i write and never read to any one
what should  i do with so much light
why is there so much light