tsunami of trust

When the scattered
And broken strings
Don’t resonate Any more
The cracked shells
Help in peeling the crest
Over the frozen lake
In whirlpool I lost all the smiles
But then a volcano promises
To unravel
The mysteries
Of an unknown path
Through woods of Woolley eyes
Moistened and heavy
With tears in memory
Of the days
That were good
But are no more
Why do I promise them a boat
In the turbulent sea
That will carry them through
All the storms
And the tsunami of trust
Thrusted on your way
Now you will walk quietly
And umbrella of white clouds
Will pave your sky
With dreams you we’re afraid to see
So long
But no more

rainbow in the sky

A nearly lost soul
Found a hole
In the rainbow
Far in the sky
Made by an arrow
Shot from a bow
So unsure
Yet So pure
Will you take him in your arms
To let him cross
The sea so turbulent
Young that he is
Searching a path
Unknowingly harsh
Uncertain and thorny for sure
Hold his hand
Feeble as you are
Let us help him cross this river
He had not planned
To cross but has no choice
Let him make us way
Young that he is
Unsure of future
But wanting to grow
In this world
That I and you did not design
For lost souls
But we will let these kids
Paint the sky
In all the colours we can try
Snatch floor a rainbow in the sky
Rainbow in the sky

tired steps

when steps are tired
when stretched street can not expand further
the road has to diverge
cross roads cannot keep
track of all the vehicles passing by
not all the people have gone somewhere
many are circling the roundabout
in search of their own shadows