aarav 10

when the trees will have hard bark
and the shade will attract sweet strangers
you may not recognise the footprints
of those who denied us the entry
into your world
but remember,
 we will always be there
in the fom of clouds
ready to rain,
 ready to rain
never will you be alone, or in pain

why do good people suffer ( 2004)

why do good people suffer

why do roads have turns

particularly the ones which lead to

a church or a temple

why do clouds drain when they

become heavy with their past

why do birds forget their way

why do lights hold sway


i do not know,

but i do know that some

friends are no more what they used to be

they are kind and considerate

and therefor, do not look back,

knowing that i can not defy their call

why did you see the watch

why did you see the watch

well, it is just like that, no particular reason

no, you wanted to say that its enough

no i invited you to sit with me

talk to me, be with me

yes, you did,

but you can only invite

you can not tell me when i should go

well, then what should i do

put blinkers on your eyes

dont see any where else

except looking at me

ok, i will do that, now tell me,

where do i get blinkers from

i will just go

once again, you are talking about going,

well to get the blinkers you see

tum nahin sudhorogey,

you will never improve

where you belong

i am very happy that 

you are back 

where u belong, 

the ethereal world of faith, hope and trust, 

who knows, and who cares

whether there has grown

on the iron girdle, a lot of rust

what matters is the cleavage

in the destiny of all the constraints

which prevented you from crossing over

to this world

here and now

the joy, love, and a concern, very fair, very just

kya malum kis lehar ko, phir sujhega thoda chhal

 jab bhi hoga raushan,

koi diya tat par kisi nadiya ke,

kya malum kis lehar ko,
 phir sujhega thoda chhal,
 bina kisee andolan ke,
phir bheegega koi aanchal,
tum ab aur deep jalao,
 man mein koi geet bajao,
nahin kisee ki karo prateeksha,
chaltey jao, bas tum chaltey jao

why should mornings not spare the grass

why should the morning wind
not spare the grass
of caresses of dew
and strokes of warm slices of touch
of the wishes that blossom
in the garden of instinctive love
why should we remain on the edge
of the lake
in which lillies bloom to attract the bees
that will not betray the
nectar of disinterested


boond boond kar ke bhara tha, sagar itna bada

boond boond kar ke bhara tha, sagar itna bada
kyun tumhey yeh khali laga, bolo, kyun laga

kya suraj tumharey baag mein ek naya ug aaya hai,
uski garmi ne sara mom merey dil ka pighlaya hai

jara soch kar batana, kitna bhoja dil par tha  ab tak
kis ki baat lagi thi dil par, kyun man itna aahat tha ab tak

 kya ab shaam ho chali hai jindagi ki, kisney kaha
yuhin kabhi koi takleef kam hoti nahin, mera dil bahut baha, khub baha


do we escape the orbits of oscilating time bells

do we escape the orbits of oscilating time bells

why should not we shout
at the peak of our voice

how nice is it to
what is said, and what is not
but then we should still express
all the thoughts
that surface on teh brim of teh cup
in which you have poured the tea of tired tears


conundrum is not what it seems

conundrum is not what it seems

the mist only evaporates when light sparkles
but then urge to explore wanes
so, better we pursue long term goals
not knowing what is better, reaching some where or just trying to

kitna hisab dena padega hamein

kyun har saans ka hisab rakhtey ho bhai,
kitna hisab dena padega,
jara socho to sahi,
har pal khush raho
yahi to dua kee thi, phir kyun Kaali naraz ho gayi
kya udaasi ke mausam mein
mayusi ki chadar udhana jaruri hota hai

nahin mein to muskano ke pardey mein se tumko dehunga

tum agar mayus bhi ho to, koi baat nahin,
hans jao
jindahi ke saarey gam  pi jao
ummeedo par hi to saara aasman kayam hai
tum chand nahin to koi tara ban jao