when the curtains had already been taken away

it is not easy to be prudent
taken in by the  tensions of desires that delay
and the trust that will sway
pendulum of moods,
i am aware of the fire
and the ice that burns slowly and then gives way

you had decided to take away
all the curtains from my home
while leaving it the other day
but you left so many other weightier things behind
did you want to see through the windows
whether i had cried
when the garden on the top of a hill
was denuded
the view from the top might not have been clear that day
lot of clouds had decided to come in the way
they rescued my tears 
the dance of my tears was not witnessed
by the golden gaze of those eyes
which have now turned away
very far, for very long
when the curtains had already been taken away

are they the doors of my heart

when the drops were bolder,
they fell slowly
why do they love each other so much
why are they not able to live away from each other
why have they made a nest in the corner of my eyes
why have they decided to appear when they like and
disappear when i don't like
but sometimes they appear when i don't want them,
are they the doors of my heart
which opens at will and allows winds of pain
to come unabated
it seems they have been unhinged
they have not realized that i will swallow them
all of them
and not leave a trace
even if eyes betray, and the reflections dont stay
any longer, here, there or any where
march 16, 2011