Wisdom betrayed

Wisdom betrayed
Clothed in
Devotional wrappers
New signposts
Are installed now
Follow them and go your way
We will give you a farewell
And pave all the paths
With love
That doesn’t demand
Or retribution
Bless you

why has the tree dried

why has that tree dried
from which i had collected a leaf for you
not too long ago
is it that the tree can not withstand
the stoppage of the stream
which used to nourish its roots any more,
but the tree had promised
itself to grow and live
lest birds doent feel betrayed
and leaves continue to fall
to adorn the
loosely bound diaries
of those who now
and dust all traces of
authentic smiles
and cover them
with remnants of prayers
at the altar of new gods

A yellow Milky Way

A yellow Milky Way
Separated the two banks of the red river
Black sky
Green stars
And white
And the triangles of feelings
Nothing more to say
Nothing more to hear
Words were sucked
By the black hole
Of vain desires
Successful prayers

Music of life

Once the tumour was excised
The pain became lesser
Poetry got better
Colours clung faster
To the falling drops
Of dew
In the silvery moon lit nights
But the emptiness remained
Lightening struck
Revelation occurred
Pain evaporated
And the frozen lake started
With the music of life

vain expedition of healing pains

dont wake me up
my dream may get shattered
i had sown the seeds of reeds
and some grasses
hoping that you will all nourish them
and when the winds will blow
the music of carefree swirls of
white clouds set free
by the tight embrace of the dark sky
will/may heal me

dont/do stir the pot now
dont/do let the froth outpour
lest you stain your pashmina shawl
with my tears

dont you want
to keep
it clean

together we heard the beats

together we heard the beats
of a reverberating
inside the spears
you pierced into the fallen heroes,
moistened corners of eyes
you did not want to see
imposing smiles
on the masks,
hiding the wailing wintery night
as if the stars were stolen
and the sky was laden with footprints
of all the pilgrims
who lost their way,
why not take a step backwards
and embrace the trunk of a tree
which might bear leaves after autumn
if nourished with hopes
and sights you deny to yourself

lest their indifference get named

counterpoise is trying
to serve the time
water reflects all the fatigue of
you can lift it, if you wish
bending your back,
like a devotee in front
of a brutal lord
you pray that some body will listen to your woes
but today the flow
will not be tamed
lest their indifference
gets named
and then comes around
a windmill from far
filling a cup
filled with soup of love
the east to west
wind blows
but why do we still
not close the doors
through which enter
the hatred and distaste
sapping all the vapours
of assimilation and brotherhood