Naughty angel

Bring this and that
Cut leaves not so big
And how do u think
I can crush these without
Shredding them again
But our naughty angel
Has a method to his madness
But what could have I done
Little tea left in the cup
Fell around
And we started a debate whether tea tasted
Less like the one this angel always makes
Delicious and aromatic
Full of vigour
With no ardour
But then one cup less delicious
Can not undo all the great cups he has
Served us
Little angel
Why do u take care so much

To my angel

I have seen you now
For long
Every time without a question
Or crib
You are ready to swim
Along but if needed
Against the current
To get me those few green leaves
Of tulsi
And lemongrass
Which then you grind
In your special style
To create a decoction
Of aromatic tea
That we rejoice
And get soaked
In its vapours
All our worries
They go away far
And you come close
More and more
Just be the way you are

When submissions rebound
When the shellac ceases to hold the gems
In your bracelets
Don’t hold on to the argument
Just any argument
The life u may have forgotten
Wasn’t like this years ago
The swings were smooth
And the river flew for ever full
Of joy and abandon
And then few rocks
Few turns
And just an argument

if only you could come clean

why do you have to
every time,
mask more than what u reveal,
why have you lost trust
in your umbilical chord

every time you contrive the situations
you gain a few smiles
but do you know
you also lose
be as honest as you can
and be upfront
u have suffered every time
you have denied the truth
why do it again

let some thing remain un-understood

There has to be knowledge and understanding
All the lonely people
where do they all come from

no, if every body understood what i am thinking at that moment,
i may be thrown out
of corridor of concern and compassion
let some thing remain un-understood
no hatred,
no anger
no revenge
not because it is not natural
but because it consumes the energy which i need to
placate my inner self
no, let sweet lingering aroma remain
in my varandah
i will forgive those
who did not come up to my expectations,
but how do i forgive myself
when i fall in my own eyes
so leave me alone
thats what we say
but can we be really alone
in this world of conversations

Of suffering voluntarily

I have seen the sparkles
In the corner of your eyes
But have you smelled the
Silence that sucks
The emptiness that fills
The moments
In between the trains
Rushing past
With the noise of girders
Sinking the beats
That will remain
We know
What do we sow
In the garden of greed
Incense of intimacy
Has spread the scent
But let us just stay away from
It seldom leaves scars that heal
Hurt is not what
I intend to harvest
So what if the crop
Of all the smiles that were scattered
Remains unharvested
So what if shattering of grains
Loads the breeze

In the river of silence

I would have liked to swim
In the river of silence
Even if for only a moment
But then memories of the drops
That stick to you
Juice of junctions
Intimate functions
Aroma in the corridors of conscience
Doesn’t leave you
Moments create expectations,
Reciprocities when unmet
Create frustrations
Anger, retaliation, and retribution follows
The serenity that started
The swim