Want to Go away ?

Go, if  you must 

But u will not be challenged so much

That u wish to blow the walls away 

Shriek your heartful and

Forget to just say

Wish I had not let you go !!!

Go, if u must, go 

Trying to catch up with you

Don’t ever think
Your wheels and my steps
Are ever out of sync
I m learning to walk slowly
To catch up with you
Who is so ahead
In the world of compassion
And congruence

I m learning
Give me a chance
No matter where I am
Breaths weave a quilt
To keep you warm
In the winters of life
I m learning

Roots wither away

When tears don’t flow 

The roots wither away 

The waves swallow 

All the froth, fainted fishes and their future

Tsunami will not hurt anymore 

Let the roots wither away 

Just be

If it’s time that we measure ;

Then who measures the shadows 

Which tell us, what is there to see 

Let us just pause 

And, be!


You might be the voice

Among the dark clouds 

You are the ray of hope

When everybody keeps quiet 

You might be the voice 

That will reverberate in the ears 

Of those had not heard these voices 

For long 

Will you stand up 

For those, denied 

Agency all this while 

It’s your call 

Only yours


Whispers of vanity

There is no need to explain 

No need to complain either 

Just sit back 

Close your eyes and if possible ears too

Just hear the heartbeat,

After a while 

Whispers of vanity 

You will start hearing 

Meditation is over 


Paradoxical swings

Paradoxical  swings

Mean a little

If navigating through 

Hazy treks is a burden 

We started together 

Four decades ago 

With just a promise 

To not be one predictable 

Thank you dear, enigmatic swirl 

Still survives despite shaking hands