?When the errors amplify the leaking substance!

When the errors amplify the leaking substance!

When a substantial truth gets sublimated by the conundrum of errors, often self-inflicted, the search for alibi begins. We start looking for masks which will cover our faces but keep eyes and ears uncovered. The uncovered part makes the masking less complete and thus bearable.
This is the paradox. Why do we search alibi for defending our deliberate vulnerabilities. We have invented a rich repertoire of concepts, complexes and contrived obsessions, on which rests for our vulnerabilities. We are ok. Our vulnerabilities are not ok.
The trunk of an old tree often becomes hollow at the base. Why does it allow the animals to make their shelter even when its own stability is endangered. May be falling down becomes less painful, a whiff of air someday just takes it toll and the tree becomes a log of wood.
Let us reflect on the masking, hollowing and falling down….
Mask is actually an Uncovering, lest we complain we did not hear, or that we did not see.

The substance starts leaking, because we are not able to hold it together in our anxiety to manage the mask, loosely, tightly

The wet grass & dry eyes

The night was quiet
Morning a bit wet
Could not gather all the flowers
Meant to adorn my temple
I am still unsure
When will the bells toll
When will the leaves fall
Spring is too far
But the door is ajar
I will wait
For the shadows to state
The truth of the moment
Hope that choice is prudent

Blame is not the name of game

Don’t blame the stars,
or the sky laden with clouds!
Rays of moon,
the re-caiberated compass;
navigating is not so difficult
Dont let the wind take your boat anywhere, strive, sustain &
the serenity will swallow,
all the doubts, fear
& flagging of the timidity

Looking up the sky

I am@silent
To listen & not lament
When it rained
I forgot to look up@the sky

See, observe & understand
Quietly disperse the leaves
Fallen on the dry ground
Sprouts of seeds birds dropped
Don’t tell a lie


Boats are not too far

When boats are far
The door to inner sanctum sanctorum was ajar
Islands were connected inside
Web of Sea weeds beside
Let us pray a bit
Storms are asleep
The dreams are knit
When boats are not too far
Shore is not the host of nests anymore
Inhale the air pure #poem

Who goes, who stays

warm breaths,
Snow flakes
Crystal enigmatic
A chair waits
Life flows
Through tunnel
Of a tie
A sky full
Of birds
Not asking
Where to & why
Empty space
Golden mace
Why are you quiet
Does it matter
Who goes, who stays

When persuasion is pervasive

When pain is pervasive,
patience is persuasive.
Don’t stop sailing the boat,
wind will blow, your way
and sometimes away too,
may in the time to come,
hopes sustain& empathy obtains,
a silent summit of serenity:

Love you

Prayer for peace

Wish you dance
The love takes you to trance
No divisions
In prayers or persistence
Can bridge the gulf of morality
Let us dance together
Let nothing divide us
Too fragile we are
If alone, & not inclusive

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