Does language shapes our thoughts?

Do you think that language you use shapes your thoughts? This has been a controversial issue in linguistics but in behavioural science we make sense of it rather easily.

Take a page that you have written, count active and passive verbs:
Then analyse the number of times you did not convert your autonomy into agency ?

Do you think those who don’t use active sense too often will be induced to take action on issues they feel strongly about?

Will appreciate some younger scholars & practibioers to do some exercises and then debate on this point; we want more people in current turbulent times feel responsible for their inclusive feelings & take action on them.

Those who don’t share inclusive philosophy are often acting more vigourously, why are the rest more inactive ? Has language to do something with it?

Look forward to hearing from you

Thank you for a good debate
Your Organizations can be transformed if we unravel this mystery !!!!

TV Rao Amit Karna Asha Kaul Tarun Jain Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Rishikesha Krishnan

Search within

Treat the hues
As if they are the clues
To the mysterious generosity
Search with in, there is a lot of piety

#poem #nature #gratitude


Termites make life easy a bit

When the life was about to slip away,
I found a new purpose
We started digging a new tunnel
Through the rocks of rough terrain of tragedies
Discovered a troop
Of termites
It had made our journey easier
So much for their hunger
And ours too

Whorls of wisdom

I realised
When blues disappeared
The empty sky
Stars could not hold
Any longer
Black hole of wisdom
Sucked all the volition

When ashes speak

Prayers continue
Struggle of a wave
Witnesses a close shave
The poise of ripples
Gives way
When for a moment
The storms of sighs
Extinguishes the fire
In a forest of desires
The ashes speak
The tale of islands passed
While roving in the river
I could not hear
The boat was about to capsize
But it did not

when sun is quieter

When even Sun is quieter
The clouds have their way
Seeking clarity every day
Is like denying the Piety

How do we know
When will one get her due
We can only and only pursue
Our path with integrity
Leaving sometimes the search For clarity