and the rocks withered away

when i decided to melt that night
you were asking me, is this the path
you want to walk on
i did not asnwer
i just kept walking
on and on
like a gale of wind
unmindful of the rocks it had to deal with
caressing all the waves
in the sea of silence
it mobilised to show its strength,
but the waves also got exhausted
after a while
and the rocks withered away
but the gale still stays still,
without the oars
of your arms

have you seen a barked tree

have you seen a barked tree

before it dries up, pl hold it in your arms

nourish it

and who knows

it may regrow the bark,

the mask may appear again
between its inner pain and outer joy

i have to smile regardless

i have to smile regardless

whether suferings inside revolt

but then maintaining the mood of the world around

hinges on my ability to mask

the pain

so that you could all gain,

peace and joy

what if, the light of sun decides

to bake

all the incompletely abandoned dreams

in a paste with

which i can pave the way

for you to walk

and not get lost

when all the new roads appear so nice,

quiet and comfortable

what if, a bit sad

will my prayers for your peace be invain

will my prayers for your peace be invain
now that i have lost the battle
to keep the ship on course again
with no concern for
what i lost
should i board the train
and leave for new shores, new stops
where i will be stranger and will not be asked
why did
i resist the clouds of dark intentions
whose only purpose of being around
seemed to be
to paint my sky black  again and again

while harvesting smiles

while harvesting smiles
i also cut some angular anxities
from your garden
you had asked me to cut grass only
but i picked up the weeds too
some of which were flowering and rather attractively
i brought those seeds and planted in my garden
today i have more weeds but with their flowers
than the plants
i had sown
why should i not then celebrate the randomness of weeds
and their weird desire to overatake
all the patches including the ones which were
footprints, untilled

kaali: do u really care

do you really care

whther flowers offered to you wither away

or their fgragrance lingers on

in the heart fo all those who touch your feet and stay

around till u bless them

by your indifference

why play this game of stedfastness

amidst so much compassion and kindness

are u afraid that you might become predictable

aaj diya ek aur bhuj gaya hai

aaj diya ek aur bhuj gaya hai

kal tak jo merey saath tha,

ab kyun achanak chuk gaya hai

kaisey koi ab jaan payey

kis safar ka nishan aaj mit gaya hai

aaj diya ek aur bhuj gaya

bahut guman tha, ki saath ham chal payenge

lekin kyun achanak tumko saathi

ek smanadar kaal ka, kyun is tarah pee gaya hai

terey adhoorey sapno ko kya ab

merey andherey aakaash mein, taron ki tarah see gaya hai

772 aaj yeh sawal bhi tumney poochh hi dala

aaj yeh sawal bhi tumney poochh hi dala

aakhir kis intazaar mein tha itna samaya nikala

kyun nahin poochha ki tabiyat kaisi hai

kyun sirf anuman se hi man ko sambhala

kaisey batata, kitna aatur that milney ko

lekin har baar meri koshish ko kuchh naya naam de dala