will i restore

will restore
all the lost colours
that got faded on my wall
will you brush these paintings again
will my walls be bright and fresh
will they be

when do u think, we have done it

when do you think, we have done it
the leftover fruits
the stale pudding
the effervescence of the cold tea
but waiting at the airport
is not enough
why shoudl we not now rest
rest at the nearest lamp post
we can lean over it
or just sit at its feet
let the passerby go, but drops of teh rain
will soak us
and then may be we will wash the stains of memories
which are not soothing now

when you got soaked a little

playing with water
would not hurt us
but you got soaked a little more yesterday
the pearls in the drops were
shining in your eyes
i could not restrain
from collecting those reflections
but it hurt you
i hope you will gather the strength soon
to play again
splash the happiness around again
purity that runs in your veins
can heal any body of the pain and inadequacies

encountering young buds on the way

encountering young buds on the way
full of hope
faith and expectation
that it will rain
some assurances
some support
some tears to wet the ground
where there is a drought of sighs,
how do these buds keep sprouting