breaths of countless fishes

Ripples of all that we do
Touch the lives of those who sustain
Our spirit
And yet we hope that
We can isolate
The shores from waves
Why not keep a lake
Restrained in its banks
Lest it evaporates and dissipates all
It has deep inside the bubbles
Of breaths of countless fishes
Soaking its serenity

just like that

Torn at edges
Envelop could not hold much inside
Yet the message had to reach its destination
Why would not
Need for communication end
And all to be said will be understood
Just like that

just be, just see

Cloudy embrace
Hesitant peaks
All the sky
Be your
Of faithful beats
Pursue your journey
Unrestrained and with no doubt
Truth, peace and

The oars
To take your boat
To the imagined shores
Just be
Just see
Why worry
If others fail to be
Your companion in the journey

falling heights of tenacity

Bowing before the clouds
Peaks are humbled
Who will hear the melting sounds
Of glaciers unstuck
By the warmth of your breaths,
Don’t stir, stay still
Clouds may declare
A day of deliverance
From the cycles of rising and
Falling heights
Of tenacity

In the valleyes of follies

Sleep deep till all the crevices
In your sole heal
And you don’t have any time to peel
The layers of memories
That remind you of times
That had a seal
Of sullen smiles, wrinkles
And a head kneeled amidst the ankles
in pain

Smile and be bright
Win a lottery of memoryless moments
Full of surprise
Walk towards new shores
With many boats waiting to
Make you feel happily afloat

Rise in the morning
With an energised glow
Writ large on your face
Tanned with signatures of the sun
Reminding of the steps walked
to everyone

Be happy and confident
Of the time ahead
Stop worrying about the slips
In the valleyes of follies
Just be there
When time demands
Give your best
To your internal commands

And scatter the seeds of shadows

The sky may not always be blue
Shades of darkness
And colours of the morning hue
Are not devoid of a desire
To splash
All that their pallete
May you soak Your eye
And ears
In the dew unpolluted
With the passionate yearnings
May you absorb the grace of the shadows
Of the trees drooping
Under the load of fruits
That have to fall someday here
Except the ones that
the birds will savour
And scatter the seeds of shadows
May be in my garden
But can I host the new saplings
In the unkept beds
Will I
Irrigate them
with my tears
Will I immerse
The roots of the emerging trees
In the moistened soil of
An incorruptible soul
Torn at its edges
But with fully intact core ?

squeezing the memories Of moments

When the drops loiter on the leaves
With stamps of carefree insects
They fall through the holes sometimes
And hang loose on the tip
Waiting to moisten
The wings of a moth,
Not worried about the behemoth
Walking around
They love the journey to dissipation
Just like a breathless being
Gasping for solace under
The shadow of armpits
Warm, moist and dark,
Just right for the dreams
To lay eggs
Of whispers
And also abandoned
Desire of walking through
The forest,
Alone in the night
To listen to the rustling sound
Of the leaves
Some dry, some green
Some generous and some quite mean
Why else will they not reveal
The path without the slippery slopes
Amidst many of The vain hopes
And dormant desires
Of squeezing the memories
Of moments that
A creeper fearlessly aspires

why do banks erode

every time there is a flood
banks get eroded
and i heap piles of clay to make these stronger
but then is it just me who can keep banks stronger
why does river
not resist the temptation
of crossing over
swarming the fields,
erasing the lines
differentiating the high and the low

i looked for just a blade of grass

when it rained all over,
i looked for shade
but not finding any,
i gave in
now the rain has stopped,
and the clouds are scattered
shall i remain drenched

when sun spread scorching heat
and the clouds did not shower shade
i looked for just a blade
of grass that can hold
a drop of dew
so that at least one ray will reflect

when the quake had settled
and the earth had cracked
i looked for a pond which had not drained
but finding drought all over
i could not stay still
and let, the boat sink aimlessly