silence, let us be silent

in the playground of memories
don’t throw a ball like this
nostalgia is not about regrets but about
failed expectations
we dont soak ourselves in the rain
to catch cold,
we catch cold
because we enjoy getting soaked
causality is not bidirectional always
dont look for hopes in the embers
i have seen dance of death
let us play violin a bit slowly
death cant dance fast
death of ideas
death of a promise
not of a potential
and therefore throwing a ball
like this doesn’t make sense
weeds have grown in the playground
let us leave it now as it is
take care
will stick to your skirt
take care
monastery is waiting for you
be silent
i want to be silent too

not a full stop

Don’t stick
So hard
You aren’t bigger than an ocean
Nor are you
Able to fill the sky
With your hunger
Like a black hole
Eager to swallow
All the clouds
Glowing through refracted
You are like an aborted
Destined to remain
A comma or just a semi colon
Not a full stop

flow, o enigmatic, emphatic, endearing stream, flow

you flew down the mountain
how could pebbles, sand and silt
resist your flow
they came along, some did
fertilizing many garden
bypassing others
the banks of ravines
were no more respected
you changed the course
you had to, flow has its own energy
unbounded, untamed, unstoppable

resonating with the
of changing the course
enigmatic, emphatic and endearing
you were
as always
you were


A loud laughter
Subtle smile
No trading allowed
But gifts abound
Let us fold the curtains

sprout inside

when the seed sprouted inside me
i could not decide
what to do
let it outgrow me
and then digest me as its manure
or let it remain inside
like a hope
dormant but
full of potential

i am still undecided


Remind every time
You meet
That exchanges took place
Symmetrical these were
But who can question
Your calling them


I am sad
Not because
I failed
In communicating simple truths
I m sad because
I couldn’t help you grow as much as I i wanted
But I haven’t given up yet
May be I will observe you growing
Inspite of me