the dew of tears

the dew of tears
has descended on the top
of a cliff today,
i don’t know when will it burst into a stream
and sway all the cold, rocks on the way.
will you let yor hairs absorb all the mist
and let the fog clear

sundar swapn

sundar swapn,
sneha bharey praytna,
kuchh marmik se ho gayey hain pal,
chalo kuchh harey avsad bherey kshana,
sabkey ,
jinko nahin hai mila abhi tak,
thoda bhi sambal

will you listen O Kaali

will you listen o Kaali
or you are so much adored by your devotees
that a small gift
a small prayer
a feeble offering
does not even get noticed by you

why are you so self possessed
why do you need so much attention
why dont you measure the depth
by the pain in the heart
and not by the sound of the bells
in your temple

why should i be redeemed

when the crackers were bursted, and celebrations were held
i was quietly standing under a tree
and asking myself
what were we celebrating
why was there no noise of the litany of complaints
that you had made so often
about my indifference
why should i be forgiven
why should i be redeemed

ma kali-10-2

when i prayed at the grave of a sufi saint
i did not know that my prayers will be answered so soon
i wanted the flowers to bloom in every garden
that is sown with the seeds of sincerity
and the garden was in spring
but i was not the gardener
may be i was not sincere enough
but then why was my prayer answered
ma kali
you have always left me puzzled with these questions

is that how you reward your
incessantly persistent devotees

the time took leave

the time took leave
and we were left standing for pages to turn
but book had no will to turn the pages on its own
and the writer had not yet decided whether to write more or not
here, like a character of an unfinished book
i am waiting

fortress of my defenses fell down

fortress of my defenses fell down
in one moment, just a moment
my deep defenses were raged to ground
you said
what was true
but why did it take so long for me to understand
should i call you when i miss you
or when you may feel better,
my entire confidence in my sensitivity was dissolved
now, i am going to relearn, recaliberate and renew
faith in my intuition, yours has left a lot for me to learn and still grow

ma kaali tum shant mat ho

ma kaali tum shant mat ho
klant hridaya mein karuna
jaatey huey tumhara mudna
kisee pathik ka kisee pukar ka na sunana
yeh saab kya hai
prarthana hai kya terey dwar
tiraskrit hain sarey adhikar
phir bhi karuna bhara swar
terey mandir mein aaj phir goonja
kuchh yaad raha, kuchh kpi hai aaj bhoola

chalo phir se bahayey nadiya mein
sara ka sara bhram
aur karey maha prayan
tum muskurao, aur mera tootey abhiman