A few drops rested here

Don’t blame the
For making holes
In the stem of the tall
Shoots tree

A few drops rested there
When it rained last night

Let the worms of wind decide

The whorls of wind
In storms
Carried away
All the fallen leaves
But where

You never planted new seedlings
Yet sought its shade
Now, let the wind decide
Let the leaves decide
Let the soil
Millions of bacteria
And the worms of winds

i am sleepy

and you are awake
i am sleepy
i am very sleepy
without repititions
it will still mean the same
i am sleepy

all for the sake of an urge

the red is not my colour
but i like it
when it is on border, the porous one
an impervious urge for porous border
the one which dissolves
when the inside and outside merge
all for the sake of an

Love is life

Wish there was
No trick
No prick
Just an honest effort to learn
And share
Nourish the tender
Sprouts of seeds
Gathered from a desert
Full of thorny bushes
But tenderness Is
Love is life
And life is a learning journey
currency of conceit
Feelings of deceit
Will not help
One to go beyond
Let the ruptured edges bond
Once the deep green eyes
Have learned to see
They will hopefully
The pitfalls
Of corners cut
Using so many
And but
Let it go
By letting it grow
Green aromatic lemon grass
In your palms of compassion
Heart beating with passion
The world will change
If you will continue the
Asymmetrical exchange

An Ocean so untamed

Oceans are a bit maddening pool
Of crazy waves
Not knowing where to reach
They become a cyclonic swarm
Hungry to swallow
And oars
With which you painted
Lovely red
Why do I still want to swim
In an ocean so untamed
It’s really silly
No matter
How beautiful
The Lilly

Future must, past just

did the cliff ever complain
About your abandoning the climb
Colourful valley
Dark forest
Slushy mud
Slippery terrain
Caught in a spider’s web
Unable to extricate
She just watched
You wandering around
To celebrate your gain
Leaving a field untilled
Full of
weeds of pain

Run around and perform
The footprints
Will not reveal the bare truth
Of bygone era
Future must
Past just
Was it really only lust
Or love got wrapped in torn
Go and liberate
The trapped fly
In the spiders web
Feeling so high