seasaw will continue to swing

seasaw will continue to swing,

best is to remove the fulcrum

who knows what time forebodes,

life must not ever shun

the vibes of valour will not sanction,

what desires for being fair and just

will commission

tulsi 13 –walking around tulsi

took one round
and tried to proceed
but your branches
swayed as these werre
by light breeze
got hold of
asking me as if
to pause and turn
how could have i returned
the bag of memories
in the pot
in which  you grow
O tulsi

tulasi 1 –like a wave unintended

Like a wave unintended

You embrace all the banks

Not caring for the little flower,


But with a fistful of sand

That I bring to you

Without much to say or do

Will you enclose me

In the closet of your leaves

Like a drop of dew

Devoted, persistent, and always


May 15, 2006 8 am

why do u keep awake

how do i explain  why do i keep awake

i love to sleep


with memories

that i can keep

but then why do i keep awake

my Courtyard Of conscience

I am a witness to your grace

But having lost my eyesight,

I can describe the smell, feel, and the spirit

Of how you entered my

Courtyard Of conscience

and dug up all the flower beds which were

lying untilled

full of ‘weed, thorny bushes and the cactii’

and then it rained,

u let the water soak the dry soil,

embrace it as if it had not been cared and tended

for centuries

sowed the seeds of expectations

all the while denying that

it was your purpose

why not, after all, only through these expectations

we rise in each others’ calling

but you have

already disarmed me,

taken all the reasons from me to thank you,

your mercies are beyond count

but your reprimands are my treasures

for, I am trying to be their

exclusive inheritor

May 25, 2004 ny 9.52 ist


take all or none, she said

I was not sure, if I had a bag,

big enough

With me,

to contain all what she offered,

But then she would not tailor her gift

To the size of my


What will I do,

Collect more bags, or deny her gift

Or ask her to pour it

slowly and slowly

So that I absorb it in

The folds of my soul

Having aseeemit ( infinite) space

But will she have patience

Will I have patience!

leave a spoon in the tea cup

still i search
still i endure
still i carve out
the engravings on the rock
that still has the etches
left behind by strong winds

may be i still remember
and therefor u ask
do u still forget
to take tea
or leave the spoon in the cup
till it dissipates all the heat
of the tea in the air
leaving it cold
very cold
i have actually never told
how cold

how would wind know

i liked the irreverence of clouds,

i despise my curtains though

why did i close the window

why did i switch off the light

and then removed the curtains

how would wind know

that it had to force open the window

lest you are accused of letting her come in

and absorb all of you

purpose is not to dig a trench

why scatter all the seeds on roadside

i asked the maverick tree planter

and he went on scattering more and more seeds

miles at a stretch

without a trench

or  apit

or pale of water over them

he said

purpose is not to dig a trench

its trees that we wish to grow

the maali ( gardner) is up there in the sky

will shower the drops of his  care


and comapssion

let me do my bit

sow the seeds

who takes care of seeds in the  forest

why shall i wait

the bell has been ringing for long

at the temple

at which we prayed togther, many years ago

but then we were worried, what if

our prayers were answered

today, i am not worried

God has been very kind

he has stopped listening to me,

shall i go to the temple then?