When I m no more

When I m no more
A guardian of dreams
Will you still adore me?
When I hage lost
All the sheen
Will you still shower your rays on me?

When I m wrinkled
No more able to reciprocate your hugs
Will you still hold me?

When I m not able to complain
To your ways of keeping weird schedule
Will you still be angry with me?

I m not sure
I don’t know
You are what you always have been
Abd I love you this way or that
Does not matter

But what is true
We both know
You will miss my unreasonable doubts
And meaningless taunts
When I m not around
To ask you about
Where are you headed next ?

When coming back is for going again

I m back
Said the wind
Moving slowly over the fence
Stirring new sprouts of the creeper
Just above the wall
Stay on
For so long you were just still
And then leaves fluttered
It had moved away
Leaving stillness

Washed in the morning dew

Washed in the morning dew
You somehow really knew
Why will a star cry
Crave for a leaking sky
Now soak me in the bubbles
Wipe away all the troubles
I will swim and draw out no doubt,,
The pearls from your lake, with sparkling sprouts

I will bear it too

I will bear it too
No matter how many
Times banks give way
Flooded fields show your fury
But I have packed bags to emigrate
This is your way
To keep me agile
So what if I can not be
With my roots
Even for a while