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Nonsense poems

Nonsense poems Vibrance of the meadows Mindlessness of the fences Bridges don’t know The road really grow As if distances have been delivered By the pregnancy of patient lakes ………… Hilarious heather Indifferent weather Why not take leave Of senses so conscious Get lost Don’t post Addresses on the letters Lest these are read Always [...]

why do we not forget the wrinkles in the drapes

why dont we forget the wrinkles in the drapes made by the knots tied for long, very long time lest the light does not feel unwelcome or obstructed but then light hasnt waited for its passage to be cleared it emanates from within, when there is darkness outside is there a darkness outside

dont draw the unburnt coals out of fire

while stoking the fire in the wintry night why take out the unburnt coal pieces out is it that they make generate a lot of of smoke or you are saving these for another lonely night when snow would not make fire too easy to burn or is it that you dont feel cold any [...]

if only the rain will spare my drapes

if only rain will spare my drapes and not moisten these making breeze cool in a humd, dry, hot night cool breeze will revive all the old pains and then no reminder will be needed for memories to intrude unannounced again

why did tears moisten the sky

why did tears moisten the sky why do we have to borrow the rays reflected from the hung drops on the leaf tip will the drop fall reflections call the clouds to relay the message of a fallen star will they, will they

Hinges were about to collude

While Warding off A storm Pushing into my room I heard a loud scream The wind was complaining To the window pan Why was it coming in the way Hinges were about to collude With the wind When wisdom prevailed I left the room Much against the wishes of the storm But the storm now [...]

lagoons full of lustrous pearls

a lagoon full of lustrous pearls was about to receive a ship load of logs to build tree houses for vistors who were tired of staying on ground and then came a storm followed by heavy downpour the logs are still lying around, waiting to be dried the pearls are all scattered the promises of [...]

Dialogue with oneself

Dialogue with myself A stream flowing relentlessly towards another bigger stream knew that it would not be known distinctly once it meets its end. It will be assimilated, dissolved and be quiet. But then it still flowed as if there was no end. It detoured, it collided with rocks, rounding their edges, eroding their ego. [...]


Defeated I stood Trying to blame the winds And the waves Leading my sails to take the boat In the waters, so troubled Let me not Defy The dictate of my conscience Any more Let me close all The holes in the sails of my boat Navigation will not work Rowing will nt take me [...]