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find a new rainbow

weathered by the time memories may sprout let us give them a happy burial let us celebrate who knows when do we find a new rainbow hanging on widow sill

punctured armour

every time, withering rocks promise storms dont care winds whisper punctured armour patient precipice, hold the sliding glaciers the exposed mountain pains the roots of every shrub exposed why let pain prosper

May be ants are here to test

Well of wellness is filled up With your blessings Said the roots of a vine Climbing on a tree Tendril holding the tender branches Leaves curled coyly As if they had just been caressed by the breeze Now we should decide If the rain will be let Down to drain the suffocated tears Or wash [...]

when toast was baked too much,

i am not good at toasting bread it often turns black, when i am lost in my thoughts or becomes too brown i try to tell her that i will improve but i am a project in progress seldom do i improve in ceratin matters and toasting is one of them dont we toast relationshop [...]

when cactii are no more

will you ever empty the jar of tears i had filled absentmindedly so that cactii we had planted in your garden dont dry but now after a long drought when cactus are no more why keep the jar still tightly closed open it let its content flow no matter what they show dont cry dont [...]

The lone walker

The lone walker In the forest With not many treks intact Has lost his way Not that it would take long to Find the mo0rings But for the present, he is lost In a maze of meaninglessness Dont show him the way For he may love to be lost It’s not easy Ever To lose [...]

Cold rocks

Don’t ever try to possess a shooting star It will burn into ash Or fall like a meteorite Cold rocks do not give warmth At least not for long They just wither away Like a speck of dust settled After a storm

The rainbow of friendship

Then there was a silence The deep silence As if everything needed to be said Had been said But you still wanted me to say Something I just couldn’t Silence has engulfed all the corridors Of intimacy Truth And The rainbow Of friendship