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you defend a thorny weed so lovingly

you will always have your way even if it means defending a thorny weed so lovingly when the garden may have so much more why do you love him so much why do you allow so many indiscretions is it because you know his devotion to you somewhere very pure and sublime may be thorns [...]

Ab Mera jawab suno

Ab Mera jawab suno Meri kavitaon ka hisaab suno Koi shikayat karey to bhi kya Tum meri jindagi ke kuchh to palon ko guno Mainey har pal ko imaandari se jeeney ki koshish ki hai, Har pal ko kisee na kisee ki takleef thodi kam ki hai Lekin sahi hai ki poora nyay to main [...]

Akhbar kyun le aatey phir se

Waise bhi kahan fursat tum patey ho Har Samya kisee na kisee ki guthhi suljhatey ho Aur phir kuchh pal yahan as bhi Jao, To saath meri saut ke Akhbar liyey aatey ho Chalo aaj is Baat ka faisala kar ley Kuchh palo ki aazadi tumhari sada ke liyey har ley Kuchh pal saath to [...]

Why do you want more

We gave you all Love, faith and an easy stroll In the garden of undoubted evenings And hopeful, sparkling mornings But you always wanted more

Eagel’s gaze

Eagle’s gaze Falcon’s flight Did you want to show The fancies might Molten cries Placid sighs Did u want to know A dream splice Intent so intense Desires had pretense Did you try to fathom How deep the scar hence

the boats became lamps and waves swallowed the fire

the boats became lamps and waves swallowed the fire lightening burned the bridges but then roots didn’t care and reached across the river to create a bridge after walking on this bridge, i am relieved that the fires have limits and can not engulf all the ways of crossing over

why do you want submission every time

every time, you pleaded, i succumbed but did that make your journey smoother compromises dont make a pavement smoother even if paved with good intentions but weak actions;; may be you take some time out and ask a hard question, could not assertion of your free will guided as it should be from shower of [...]